Thursday, May 17, 2018

Let's Boogie

Okay so, last night we had the TV on and Lee was playing with Ryan and a commercial came on that had music so Lee did this silly little dance thing and Ryan was watching him and then he did it too and we laughed SO HARD and then we spent the next five minutes trying to get him to do it again so we could take a video of him dancing.

Of course the commercial with the music wasn't on anymore, so Ryan pinched the ear of a lion toy he has that plays music (MOM!) and that's what he's dancing to.  You can kinda hear it along with the noise from the TV.

Bonus video:  he shoots, he scores!

I really hope the videos work right....

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Pics from April

Hey y'all!  We recently took a quick trip up to DC and took some pictures, so we downloaded them to the computer last night and I thought you'd like to see a few of the cutest kiddo on the planet.

Ryan has been able to walk for a while, but he usually insisted on holding on to something while he walked...well, Easter weekend he suddenly decided the training wheels were off and he's ready to GO.

It's hard to get pictures of him walking because he keeps walking towards me, but who could resist that super cute face?!

A week or so later, we put some shoes on him and let him try walking around outside.  We just dug out some hand-me-down shoes so they're really big on him, but it was kind of hilarious watching him move with clown shoes on.

Walking is Serious Business!

Hey look, I took a butt shot just for Mom!

So here we are last Friday in DC.  You can't see it but I'm wearing my awesome Wonder Woman skirt!

And there's Missy who looked gorgeous in her dress and I don't know how she could walk in heels that tall.  I'm wearing pretty tall shoes myself, but I don't think Missy is usually taller than I am...

Thought we'd take advantage of the overcast skies to get some pics outside with Ryan.

He's just SO CUTE!!

And happy!  Hey Ma--I got him a lion shirt!  And also shoes that actually fit him.

So where's he running to?  The street, of course.

But Dada caught him.

Aren't these two ridiculously handsome fellas!

Ryan does this thing where he acts like he wants to see things (like, the leaves on these plants or a wreath hanging on a wall or something like that) and then if you pick him up and get him close to whatever he was fascinated with, he'll turn away and try to hide in your shirt.  So funny.

That's it for now, y'all.  Cheers!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Ryan and His Lion

Hey!  I have not forgotten how to blog, it's just been really busy and crazy and I'm now trying to sort through a ton of photos from the last year.  But I know my mom would want to see this video I just took of Ryan and his lion car toy here it is!

He gets that lion and will run laps around the new house with it.  He runs with it too.  He *can* walk on his own, we've seen him take a few steps here and there, but he prefers to either crawl or walk with the lion.  And chase Sadie with it.


Monday, November 27, 2017

Nine Months (and 11 Days)

Hey y'all!  We took Ryan's 9-month pictures late.  Well, he had his first flu shot on the 15th, and then Lee's parents were here and then the Tracys were here for Thanksgiving and everything was crazy and we finally got it done yesterday.  Eleven days late, which is how much past his due date he was, so that's funny.

Taking a little stroll with Dad's help!  He is ALL BELLY in some of these pictures.  Probably getting ready for a growth spurt.

 So he's back to making this face a lot, Blue Steel is back.  It looks like he's perpetually saying "oooh".

Got Mama's legs!  (Yes, Mama is wearing Star Wars pajama pants!)  So after this we took Ryan over by the front door where we usually do his pictures and he was Not Happy about that.

Yep.  Not Happy.  I kinda love this picture though.

Dad picked him up again and then all was right in the world.

I couldn't decide which one of these pictures I liked the best...

So you get three versions.

Back in "The Pit" but not for very long.  He's getting really good at climbing those stairs to get out to the main floor.  Sadie is Not Amused.

Sadie:  "He's coming after me, isn't he." *doggo sigh*

That's a cute face too!  As much as Sadie doesn't want to be near the baby when he's roaming the floor, she did manage to photo bomb a LOT of the pictures this month.

Love that squishy face!!

And this one's just funny because they both have their mouths open looking at Lee.

Vader was right there too, but he's better than Sadie about staying out of the way (unless there's food involved).

If only the sign wasn't glaring in this one!  Oh well.  Still cute.

Lee took this one.  And then we let Ryan crawl around for a bit and he took a nap, after which he needed a change of clothes but we took some more pictures in the afternoon.

I chose the matching short-sleeve onesie outfit just because it's easier for color combinations when I scrapbook.  And also I LOOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEE these fox onesies!!!

Ryan likes hanging upside down.

Just like that.

Fox butt!!!

I love this one, I'm pretty sure he's doing his squeal which Lee calls the dying cat sound.  It is really funny and I can't reproduce it but he's really talkative when he's happy.

And here he is with his favorite toy--the plug from my lamp.  He unplugs that lamp at least three times a day.  He loves to play with the plug, he'll kinda bang it on the floor and wave it around and sometimes he tries to take it with him as he crawls around the floor but we don't want him dragging the lamp behind him.  His other favorite toy is the remote for the Apple TV, which is the smallest one and fits in his little hands (and mouth) the best, but he also likes the cable box remote and we wonder why it doesn't seem to talk to the box as well as it used to.  (Baby slime, that's why.)

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

It's the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

Mornin'!  Ryan is sitting next to me bouncing like a maniac.  I'm going to be very sad when he outgrows that bouncer.

Something else to be a little sad about?  This is the last picture I took of Ryan with his moptop.

THAT HAIR.  Yep, I took him to a lady who cut off like 75% of it.  Took me a few days to get used to it but he's still RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE.  Still, I love this picture.

Soooooo Halloween!

Our little Mr. Stay Puft wasn't too happy about it at first.

Then he got a marshmallow.  I know, I know--it's a ton of sugar, but I figure one or two giant marshmallows aren't going to hurt him, and it made for some cute pictures.  Unfortunately the sun had gone down by the time we took these so the lighting isn't great; we took a bunch but decided to dress him up again last weekend to get some pics with natural light.

He's still not sure about this.  That face though!  Cracks me up.

And also that hair!  We gave him a bath right before we took these pics, and Lee took him upstairs to blow dry his hair and I love how it sticks up under that hat and GAH SO CUTE.

So he got two giant marshmallows in a two-week period.  I'm okay with that.

And yep, he pretty much shoved the whole thing in his mouth.

And now he's talking at me from his bouncer.

Not really in focus but still oh so cute.

I love that marshmallow man.

So here's all of us dressed up on Halloween.  Lee was Egon Spengler, of course you know Mr. Stay Puft (even without his hat), and I dressed up as Vinz Clortho, minion of Gozer.

Yep, this guy.  We also watched Ghostbusters (or at least had it playing on the TV) on Halloween while we were getting up to answer the door for trick-or-treaters.  We didn't take Ryan out because he's not old enough to eat the candy and we didn't need it either, so we just dressed him up and lots of people were like OH HE'S SO CUTE when they saw him.

Oh, even with his hair cut, random people still make comments about his hair when we go out places.

Okay, Ryan and I are off to the gym.  Cheers, y'all!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Catching Up: Ryan at 8 Months

Well, October totally got away from me and I'm just now posting Ryan's 8 month pictures...ya know, since he'll hit 9 months on Wednesday : D  Better late than never, right?  I also have to go through Halloween pictures!

CUTEST BABY ON THE PLANET.  The Daily Planet?  That's the newspaper he works for as a reporter.

The onesie is courtesy of Aunt Tiana, and I think it's hilarious that it has a cape attached at the shoulders by Velcro.

Looking at Daddy!

Possibly my favorite picture from this photo session.  Yeah he smudged up the sign but who cares.

Ryan has been pulling himself up on stairs and convenient furniture for over a month now, and he can actually climb up the stairs if he's motivated enough.

This one isn't *quite* in focus but I still love it.

Those blue eyes, man.

So one of Ryan's favorite things is to spin around in a circle, so if Lee holds him and does a slow one-two-three count Ryan knows what's coming and he totally starts smiling and laughing before he even starts spinning.

Happy baby!

Really, he is a pretty happy little dude.  He gets kinda grumpy if he's tired or wants to be picked up but other than that, he's pretty cheerful.  And ridiculously cute.

If Ryan were to write his autobiography right now, I think it would be called Drool and Dog Hair:  My Life in Pictures.

I'll try to sort through Halloween pictures in the next day or two and get those up ASAP.  Because Ryan rose to new levels of cuteness in his costume, it was amazing.