Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ok, That Makes Sense....Or Not

Today's pictures are brought to you by a couple of local Japanese places that tried oh, so hard to write a sign in English, but just didn't quite get there. In all fairness, their English is waaaaaaaaay better than my Japanese, but I still find these funny, and I take my camera with me whenever we venture out into real-life-no-kidding Japan just in case I see something like this. :)

The first one is from one of those Wal-Mart type stores that seems to sell everything, I found this sign over where you can buy flooring stuff off a roll. I *still* can't figure out what they're getting at.

The second sign was at the entrance to a Ferris wheel that's on top of a building in Americatown (kinda like Chinatown, but since we're in Japan, they have an Americatown). I know what they're getting at with this one, it just still sounds funny to me. We did go on the Ferris wheel, I'll share some pics from that later.

We got our household goods this morning and have spent the rest of the day unpacking stuff. Dude, it is TOUGH to unpack a kitchen!! It's going to take me daaaayys to get stuff where I want it and wash it all so we can use it. I haven't even started on my craft room yet! And I don't know how we're going to fit all our living room furniture in our living room here. On the bright side, now we have our kitchen supplies, MICROWAVE, and our much-more-comfy-than-rocks BED. And that's where I'm going now. Sayonara!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Whoops :)

I totally forgot that there was supposed to be another layer in the sketch challenge, so I had to go back and fix mine. Whoops! So here's the revised card...I had to peel up the butterfly from the last one and put it on a totally new card base or else the sentiment would have showed under the Apricot mat. But now it's done and I'm *really* going to bed now!

Love is Like a Butterfly

Anyone know that Dolly Parton song? I got a CD of Dolly's greatest hits last year and that was one of the songs on it. The whole CD is really good actually...I'm usually not one much for country but who doesn't love Dolly? I've even been to Dollywood :)

This was the card I did for today's sketch challenge on Splitcoast. Guess I've got butterflies on the brain, but I really wanted to use this stamp I got at Imprints in Fort Worth. I love that stained glass look, I just ordered a stamp from Rubber Necker that's this same type of style. Pretty simple card since I wanted the focus to be on the main image.

Got some good news today...our household goods are here!! We've been in the house for a couple of weeks now but all we've had is the base-issued furniture and last week we got our small shipment of stuff from Texas (which is why I have stamps and paper to play with). We *haven't* had any kind of kitchen appliances (read: no MICROWAVE, life is so tough!), no vacuum cleaner, no couch...well, we could've gotten a base-issued couch but we knew ours was coming so we didn't. It's been kind of like camping out in a very sturdy tent, including sleeping on a very hard surface, this base-issued mattress could compete with rocks in a comfort contest. Anyway, all the rest of our stuff is coming tomorrow!! Along with the cabinets I use to store my stamps so I can get them out of the linen closet, hah! We have a ginormous linen closet which is nice since I have a ginormous rubber stamp collection (and only half of it's here so far, don't tell my husband that!) But after tomorrow my stamps will go to their permanent home and we'll actually be able to use the linen closet for linens, imagine that.

Time to take the kiddos outside and get ready for bed. Dude, I can't remember how to say "good night" in Japanese right now...guess I'll look it up tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Flutterby Fly

Ok, so my post title is actually the title of a book about a little winged horse (it's a wonderful book, I love the Serendipity Books by Stephen Cosgrove and Robin James' illustrations are just so amazingly gorgeous) but it does have butterflies in it. Anyway, this is my blog so I can post anything I want in it, right? So here's my card for this week's color challenge at It was an interesting color combination, not one I would have come up with on my own. The girl who *did* come up with it says it was inspired by something Paula Abdul wore on American Idol. Guess inspiration is everywhere, huh?

Now that it's 4 in the afternoon I think it's time to take my kiddos for a walk. They were both quiet and cooperative while I made the card so I owe them. Of course, Vader might've been downstairs chewing on the dining room furniture again...maybe he dislikes it as much as I do so he's trying something to make us get rid of it? Sadie's just sleeping up on the bed right now...don't tell my husband that, she's not supposed to be up here ;)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Lemme 'Splain...

No, there is too much, let me sum up. For those of you who are clueless, that's a quote from The Princess Bride, one of the Top 10 Movies of All Time. At any rate, I'm going to post here what I posted on Splitcoast Stampers when I got to Japan so maybe it'll catch the rest of you up on what's going on :) So here it is.

(Posted 2 weeks ago)
It was SUCH a long trip for all of us, I was beginning to wonder if we'd ever make it to the island! But here we are. We even went off base into the real life no kidding JAPAN today. I almost hyperventilated thinking we were gonna get SQUISHED by the crazy people driving on the LEFT side of the road but that's what you're supposed to do. We went back out again this evening with our sponsor who's been here for a couple of years so he knows where he's going and how to drive and we went out to dinner.....yeah, we hit a WENDY'S in Japan. Way to dive into the culture here. But Wendy's is Lee's we just need a Sonic. We've got a Taco Bell on base so that's a good thing right?!

The parental units have been bugging us to get off base and actually go SEE the ocean, they can't imagine we've been here for six days and hadn't seen it yet but it's been hazy! Can't see it from hotel room although they seem convinced that you should be able to see it from ANYWHERE on the island including the bathroom that has no windows...crazy people. But now I can say that I DID go off base (to the Wendy's no less, at least the menu was in Japanese...on one side at least, other side was English) and we DID go by the marina to see the mythical ocean. Looked like water So for tomorrow's adventure, we're going to try to buy a car. A car shaped like a box, a box with the steering wheel on the wrong side. Because that's what they drive here in Japan. I want a bright jungle green color box car. Hubs wants a silver box car or a black box car. I think hubs might win for now but when it's time to get MY car it will be in a FUN and BRIGHT color so everyone on the island will know it's me.

And here's our car that we got! It's a dark green box!

I have since named the car Katara after a character on the cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender. She's a Toyota FunCargo which just sounds funny, hehehe.

And here's what I posted on Splitcoast just a couple days ago...

I have ceased to hyperventilate when we go off base now...we've explored the island a bit and have gone in a lot of furniture stores (I'm totally gonna buy some GAWJUS furniture while we're here!!!!!) and yesterday we rode the ferris wheel in Americatown....kinda funny they have an Americatown here like we have Chinatowns in the US....and last week I met AMBER the cool new sistah, she took me to a 100 yen store, which is like the dollar store only COOLER stuff And last night I went bowling for the first time since I was a little kid, I had to use the granny-bowl method, and the first frame I did I got a strike. Yeah, it was the *only* strike I got. At the end of the night I was only two points ahead of the 5-year-old we were playing with, how sad is that? And we both had bumpers! It was hilarious watching 5yo grab the ball with both arms, waltz out there to the lane and then kinda do a spin/twirly thing and CHUNK that ball down the lane.

I tell you what Sistahs....I feel like an Amazon whenever we go off base, and a really tall and gangly Amazon at that. And I'm only like 5'6". But anyway, I think I'm going to like it here. It's amazing how many people I've met who have been stationed here before and wanted to come back again because they loved it so much. That's a good indicator that it's a good place to be, typhoons and all!

Oh, and to *reeeeeeeeeally* immerse ourselves in the Japanese culture for my birthday, we went to Chili's. Yeah, Chili's. They have goooooood chocolate dessert!


So now what do I say? This is harder than I thought, trying to figure out what to say in my first blog entry. I just wanna see what the whole thing looks like so I can start tinkering with it and posting some pics from here in Okinawa. So I'll be back later with something that is (hopefully) more interesting. :)