Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Love is Like a Butterfly

Anyone know that Dolly Parton song? I got a CD of Dolly's greatest hits last year and that was one of the songs on it. The whole CD is really good actually...I'm usually not one much for country but who doesn't love Dolly? I've even been to Dollywood :)

This was the card I did for today's sketch challenge on Splitcoast. Guess I've got butterflies on the brain, but I really wanted to use this stamp I got at Imprints in Fort Worth. I love that stained glass look, I just ordered a stamp from Rubber Necker that's this same type of style. Pretty simple card since I wanted the focus to be on the main image.

Got some good news today...our household goods are here!! We've been in the house for a couple of weeks now but all we've had is the base-issued furniture and last week we got our small shipment of stuff from Texas (which is why I have stamps and paper to play with). We *haven't* had any kind of kitchen appliances (read: no MICROWAVE, life is so tough!), no vacuum cleaner, no couch...well, we could've gotten a base-issued couch but we knew ours was coming so we didn't. It's been kind of like camping out in a very sturdy tent, including sleeping on a very hard surface, this base-issued mattress could compete with rocks in a comfort contest. Anyway, all the rest of our stuff is coming tomorrow!! Along with the cabinets I use to store my stamps so I can get them out of the linen closet, hah! We have a ginormous linen closet which is nice since I have a ginormous rubber stamp collection (and only half of it's here so far, don't tell my husband that!) But after tomorrow my stamps will go to their permanent home and we'll actually be able to use the linen closet for linens, imagine that.

Time to take the kiddos outside and get ready for bed. Dude, I can't remember how to say "good night" in Japanese right now...guess I'll look it up tomorrow.

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