Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ok, That Makes Sense....Or Not

Today's pictures are brought to you by a couple of local Japanese places that tried oh, so hard to write a sign in English, but just didn't quite get there. In all fairness, their English is waaaaaaaaay better than my Japanese, but I still find these funny, and I take my camera with me whenever we venture out into real-life-no-kidding Japan just in case I see something like this. :)

The first one is from one of those Wal-Mart type stores that seems to sell everything, I found this sign over where you can buy flooring stuff off a roll. I *still* can't figure out what they're getting at.

The second sign was at the entrance to a Ferris wheel that's on top of a building in Americatown (kinda like Chinatown, but since we're in Japan, they have an Americatown). I know what they're getting at with this one, it just still sounds funny to me. We did go on the Ferris wheel, I'll share some pics from that later.

We got our household goods this morning and have spent the rest of the day unpacking stuff. Dude, it is TOUGH to unpack a kitchen!! It's going to take me daaaayys to get stuff where I want it and wash it all so we can use it. I haven't even started on my craft room yet! And I don't know how we're going to fit all our living room furniture in our living room here. On the bright side, now we have our kitchen supplies, MICROWAVE, and our much-more-comfy-than-rocks BED. And that's where I'm going now. Sayonara!


Amber said...

hahaha, those signs are great, the best I've seen so far! Have ya'll found any carpet yet?

diva! said...

Hey Purple Space Mutant! You realize that now that you are oh so far away, you become even more so mutant like. Nice signs. I like the part about how they want you to purchase the item honestly rather than stick it in your purse!!!