Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Whoops :)

I totally forgot that there was supposed to be another layer in the sketch challenge, so I had to go back and fix mine. Whoops! So here's the revised card...I had to peel up the butterfly from the last one and put it on a totally new card base or else the sentiment would have showed under the Apricot mat. But now it's done and I'm *really* going to bed now!


Anonymous said...

Love the card!! Now that your home goods have been delivered will you be at the PJ party tonight?? what time will it be there?

CCsMom said...

Hey, Kik! LOVE the card. The colors are beautiful. Of course I'm partial since I'm yo mama, but really -- it's great. Am really enjoying this blog. So glad you like the land of your origin! So fun to see you on the Skype cam wearing your "Made in Japan" shirt! Enjoy talking to you and Lee -- like we're there!!! Love ya -- Mom

Amber said...

Love the card Christy, great job!