Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cookie Monster

Yesterday, we decided to head up to Nago just because we'd never been there before, so we set out on Highway 58 and just drove. No real plan or anything, just to see what was up there. Highway 58 parallels the coast for a good long way and I tell you what, I have never seen water that color--it was absolutely turquoise close in to the shore, and then a beautiful royal blue where the bottom drops off a little further out. It was a gorgeous day yesterday too, just a few clouds and a nice breeze. It took longer to get to Nago than we'd thought it would (the island's top speed limit is 80 kph, and that's on the toll expressway, so our top speed was 60 kph, what is that, 37 miles an hour?) so we just kind of drove around town a little bit and came back. Saw lots of cool things but of course, we were silly and forgot to take the camera with us!!

We were absolutely staaaaaaaaaarrrrrving on the way back so I got Lee to stop at a family mart thing (think gas station, only no gas). We looked around for something to eat and of course, since neither of us can read Japanese, we couldn't figure out exactly what a lot of things were. Except for the cookies and candy, I've got a real good handle on those :) So we got a bit of candy and this package of cookies...

I thought this was interesting since it's "the American traditional homemade country cookie" and I don't think I've ever had a strawberry cookie like this. So I bought it.

They're pretty good, each one is individually wrapped and they're kinda pinkish on top with white chips in them. And this is why Japanese food is calorie-free and fat free:

If I can't read the label, it doesn't count!! Hehehe. If only it worked that way.

Last night Lee and I went to a dinner theater production of the musical comedy "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change." It was nice to get out and go on a "real date" and we had a good time. The show is a series of vignettes of couples talking (and singing) about dating, marriage, how life changes after baby, and on and on. It was pretty funny...there were a couple of vignettes that were just stupid, but most of them were pretty amusing. We should get out and do things like that more often--I like going to musicals and plays and things.

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