Friday, February 8, 2008

Fat Puppy Syndrome

We just got back from Jack's Place, a restaurant that's only about 5 min. from here, this is the first time we've gone. We did the teppanyakki (NO idea if I spelled that right) and it was sooooo good! This is what they call the "Japanese steakhouse" kind of thing you see in the States, where they come cook your food right at your table and the guys cooking usually do all kinds of tricks and stuff with the bowls, knives, etc. flipping them around and catching them, and sometimes flipping up stuff to catch in their hats. So it's like dinner *and* a show! They served Kobe beef, vegetables (ummm....not really my thing), soup, salad, and garlic bread. We also had dessert, for $3 we got creme brulee, a bit of ice cream, small piece of chocolate cake, and a few slices of fruit. That's prolly the first time I've had kiwi and it was yummalicious! It's a lot of food, so now I have fat puppy know when you're all full and you just wanna go take a nap?

Speaking of puppies, Vader got BUSTED when we got home...we SNUCK (yes, I know, Mom--I like snuck better than sneaked!) around back to the big sliding glass door to see what the kiddos were up to and Little Man was up on the couch. Couldn't even see him at first till he heard us and his lil head popped up. So how do you keep a dog from getting up on the furniture when you're not home? I mean, I know it's furniture, but I could do with a little less FUR on it.


Kristilyn said...

That is way too funny! Our big Bernese Mountain Dog is like that ... when we're out of the room, she'll go up on the couch and eat her bone, which I hate! I'll go in there and immediately yell no and she'll act like she knows what's going on, but then the second we leave, she's up there again!

Aside from installing some kind of zapper that shocks her when she gets on there (which I was considering for the cat whenever she crawls up on the kitchen table), I have no clue what can be done!

If you find something, please share!


adifrog said...

I once heard that leaving sheets of foil on the places you don't want them to sit will do the trick, but I've never tried it. Just seemed kinda weird!

Amber said...

Haha, doncha love them sneaky pups? I like to sneak up on mine too, just to see what they're doin! Most of the time I see Luke sleeping on his back with his arms and legs spread eagle, he just looks so darn cute when he does that,lol!
I love Jacks Place too, I get the chicken though, yummy!