Friday, February 15, 2008


I've just kind of had a frustrating day today. Both the dogs have been getting in trouble...Vader's been caught several times lately going into the kitchen and trying to get at stuff on the counters. Sadie has been a little wild dog every time I've let her out, she runs right up to people and won't leave them alone or come back when I call her. She scared a little girl last time I let her out, and before that she wouldn't leave this poor guy alone who's here working on the pipes.

About that...our water is turned off and has been for most of the afternoon. I have discovered that it is really easy to brush one's teeth using bottled water, but it is far more difficult to wash one's hands. Really, you should try it. It took me two bottles of water to get all the soap off my hands. Indoor don't really think about it till it's gone, but really, it's even better than sliced bread.

And with the water turned off I can't even try to give Sadie a swirly as punishment for scaring that poor kid...oh ok, I probably wouldn't give a dog a swirly anyway. Well, maybe. Since it's Sadie.

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Amber said...

ooo, I love the new colors of your blog! Want me to make you a banner? I've only made a couple, but I could use more practice;) j

Sadie and Vader are just being bad, huh? Punks! Swirlie! Swirlie! Ahahah, its a funny visualization anyways;) Did you hear the loud sirens just now? ENDEX! YIPEE!