Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to Ree, Happy Birthday to Ree!

Yep, today is Lee's birthday! He finally joins me in old age today...really, I'm three weeks older but he can make such a big deal about it! So I made him this birthday card. But I had to make him a sweet card too, so he got a Tinker Bell Valentine. I left this on top of the box of cookies I made for him to take to work today.

("You're Old" stamp by River City Rubber Works, Tink stamp by All Night Media, "Mwah!" stamp by Stamping Bella; heart punch by EK Success, everything else by Stampin' Up!)

In Japan on Valentine's Day, the gals give the guys chocolate. Not just their significant others, either, although those dudes will probably get the biggest and best chocolate--the gals go out and buy chocolates to give to all their male friends and coworkers, dad, brothers, etc. Seems a little bit guy-centric, doesn't it? Turns out there's a holiday on March 14 when the guys are expected to return the favor tenfold. Hmm, that's a lot of chocolate!! So if I give Lee a bunch of chocolate today, then I'll probably get to eat most of it since he's not a total choco nut like I am, and then he'll have to give me ten times as much chocolate on March 14 and I'll get to eat all of THAT chocolate too. I like this plan!!

The Japanese really do get their L's and R's mixed up, particularly if a word starts with L. I saw a DVD player in a store labeled "No Rayaway" one time. So I call my man Ree, but still...their English is a whole lot better than my Japanese.

Yes, Adrienne, I have said "Kadena Marina" out loud several times :) Kinda rolls off the tongue, no? And then sometimes I just say "Karina Madena" instead because it sounds funny too.

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Amber said...

You just tought me something new about Japan, i didn't know I was s'posed to give billy chocolate! I wont' tell him that part, but I will tell him about his other holiday to prepare for, haha! Happy Birthday Ree!!!!