Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I Can See Clearly Now the Rain Is Gone

For one brief, shining moment anyway...it quit raining long enough yesterday afternoon for me to actually SEE THE SUN for a few minutes. There IS a sun in the Land of the Rising Sun! Hah! Anyway, here are the promised pics from up in the Ferris wheel, when it was (you guessed it) raining.

Those tall buildings are apartments. You can usually see a bunch of laundry strung out on the balconies to dry...I guess when your apartment is tiny, you don't want to take up floor space with a dryer. Plus maybe they like that line-dried smell, although how anything can get dry here when it won't quit raining is beyond me. Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind the rain, I just mind the little doggy paw prints all over my house because they always step in a pud muddle out in our backyard.

That really tall building is either an apartment building or a hotel, I forget which. This shorter conglomeration of stuff with the parking garage on top in the front of the pic has a bunch of different things in it, including a movie theater (you can just barely see the red Cinema sign) and a Tony Roma's. Yep, that's Japanese ;) A lot of the shopping areas here seem to have their parking up on top of the building, and lots of places you have to pay to park.

This is the sign for the Japanese equivalent of Wal-Mart. They've got just about everything in here, from groceries to a 100-yen area to carpet to garden stuff to pets. I think it's called Make Man, but a lot of us call it the Monkey Man store since it has a monkey on the sign. Pretty cool place, you could get lost. Luckily they have a map in the store with a lot of the areas labeled in English for us who can't read Japanese :)

And here's the card I made today for the color challenge on Splitcoast. I need some thank you cards so here's one knocked out! I got the main image stamp set right before it retired in December and this is the first time I've gotten it out. All stamps, cardstock, and punches are by Stampin' Up, and all the ink is too except for the Versafine Black ink by Tsukineko. I think it's a cheery lil thank you card.

You know what I heard on tv last week so it must be true? Nicole Kidman is a lepidopterophobe, which means she has a tremendous fear of.....butterflies. Guess I shouldn't send her my best wishes butterfly card to congratulate her on her pregnancy, huh? I can see being an arachnophobe (ok, I AM an arachnophobe) but spiders bite! Butterflies don't do anything but land on flowers and look pretty.

I'd better get downstairs before I burn my lasagna. Hmm, maybe I'll post my lasagna recipe later, it's wonnnnnderful. Thanks Mom!

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