Monday, February 25, 2008

Irish Eyes Are Smilin'

I've been playing around with my Bella stamps today from Stamping Bella, love these! Gardenbella is my favorite, so here's two cards I made with her.

I had this image colored in a long time ago, and I thought she looked Irish with her red hair and green dress, so I decided to use "good luck" for the sentiment. I like these colors together and I'm glad I finally made this one into a card. And this one too!

One day when we were still in North Carolina, I sat down with my Prismacolors and a bunch of stamped Bella images and just went to town. I've still got about a dozen left to make into cards, they're all colored and ready to go. This one looks like she's a little tipsy compared to the other one...I still like the card though. Don't hardly ever work with any of the colors I used on this one. They were both for a sketch challenge in the Bella forum on Splitcoast, that's why the layout is the same except that whole vertical/horizontal thing.

I watched just a little bit of the Oscars earlier today. Lots of red dresses, and man, Helen Mirren was gorgeous. And I could watch her read the phone book aloud, know what I mean? But then she said the WRONG NAME for Best Actor. C'mon, where's the love for Johnny Depp? I think he should get an Oscar just for being Johnny Depp. For reals, though, I wasn't too interested in the Oscars this year...seems like all the movies that were nominated in the main categories were real downers. I don't want to watch any blood drenched "drama" or political commentary movies. Blech. I go to the movies to be *entertained*, dang it! Speaking of which, we saw Fool's Gold on Saturday. Now that movie will never win any awards, but it was at least mildly entertaining, not some award-bait snoozer flick.

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Heather said...

Gotta love any card that has a bella! Very nice!