Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Mighty Chewbacca

I love this picture. I love that I have a black eye in this picture--the one and only I can ever remember having. I got that while performing in the marching band's halftime didn't know marching band was a contact sport? Maybe just when I do it. Anyway, this picture was taken in November of 1997 (I was 17), me and my dog Chewie. Chewie was the best dog EVER, and he picked me to be his person (those of you who have Labs will understand when I say that *he* picked *me*). We adopted Chewie (and he adopted me) around 1996, and he died of cancer in 2006. I love my two current furbaby kiddos, but Chewie will always have a special place in my heart. This picture is up on our computer desk now and I just wanted to share it with both the people who read my blog...hi Mom and Amber :)


cris A said...

I just had to be the first to leave a comment! I literally just started a blog the other day! I'm not sure if it's ready for everybody to see yet because I just stare at the screen and don't know what to say. :)

Amber said...

Hey Sistah! You been tagged! See this post --->
Hope your havin a great day! Did your hubs tell you I saw him at my shop yesterday? He didn't have a clue who I was, it was hilarious! I think I skeered him or something, tell him I'm sorry, lol!
Have a great Thursday!


diva! said...

So wait, now I get no credit for reading your blogs, eh? Go check your signs blog!