Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

I love this movie. You know, the Disney one. When we got married, Lee and I picked the Sleeping Beauty Waltz as the music for our first dance. I hopped up and down like a 10-year-old at a Hannah Montana concert when I got to have my picture taken with Aurora on our honeymoon (Disney cruise...mondo fun!) I think Maleficent is the coolest Disney villain EVER, I mean c'mon--she turns into a DRAGON! I have a Maleficent shirt, purse, and a silver charm for my charm bracelet. Hm, I have an Aurora charm too (and Tinker Bell, Cinderella, Cinderella's pumpkin carriage, Stitch, and probably several others). I bought the Brand New 2-Disc Special Edition Disney DVD the day it came out. I own the soundtrack. I even own a recording of Tchaikovsky's original ballet that the Disney team used as the basis for the music in the film.

So last night we watched The Aristocats (no really, this isn't a topic change) because I insisted we buy it last week...yeah, I love the Disney cartoon movies. I always like to watch the previews they have on all their movies to see what else they're going to release that I just have to get (101 Dalmatians on March 4! The original animated one, not the live-action one) and I was surprised to see a preview for Sleeping Beauty. I mean, the last Brand New 2-Disc Special Edition Disney DVD came out right after I got married so that was only 2003 or the spring of 2004, usually they don't do another release of it that soon. Turns out they've remastered the animation and made all the colors brighter and stuff (thought they did that on my Brand New 2-Disc Special Edition Disney DVD?!) and they're going to release it on Blu-Ray. There's just one problem.

THEY CHANGED ALL THE STINKIN' VOICES!!! Trust me when I say I have seen this movie enough times to know the difference. Sure the voices sound *similar* on the preview, but they are so totally not the original voice cast that I know and love. You hear Maleficent, Prince Philip, and Merryweather, but they never let you hear Aurora. HOW can you mess with a CLASSIC like that?! (Well, ok, George Lucas had to do the special editions of the original Star Wars trilogy, but that's a whole 'nother post). I totally would have bought this new version of Sleeping Beauty if it hadn't been for the whole voice thing, even if Lee *hates* it when I get multiple versions of the same movie on DVD (Star Wars is immune to this rule!! And I mighta snuck in a couple others...) but now I'm so totally not buying it. *is grumpy*

I decided last night to eat the strawberries I got on Saturday at the commissary, so I went to go rinse them off and they were all moldy. I'd had them just one day!!! I guess we're going to have to refrigerate everything or else eat it as soon as we get it home. *is really grumpy* They still smelled sooooooo good but every single one of 'em had yucky spots all over it. Had to throw them out. *is really extra grumpy now* On the up side, my mom heard my plaint over the jumbo pasta shells so she bought some to put in the next package she sends out here. So maybe I'll get to try those enchilada stuffed pasta shells after all, yay!

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