Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Water, Water Everywhere

So here are the promised pictures from the marina. Lee was so excited to go out there, he just can't hardly wait to go scuba diving. These were taken at the Kadena Marina, which is on the East China Sea side of the island (my parents call it the South China Sea but all the maps say East. Either way, it's the side that's not the Pacific). They have a restaurant there too but we heard it wasn't all that good. Anyway, here's my man!

And then here's me. They had a ton of these rocks all in one area, I'm thinking that they must have been added to the beach to keep the sand from eroding away. We went walking out on these to go take a look around and found several people's shoes...there were several guys out there surfing, and then there were a few way down the beach who were fishing.

Here's a more close-up shot of the island (if you click on the picture you'll see it really huge and blown up). I don't know what they've got out there, all we can see is the steps, but I'm thinking maybe it's a tomb? They have tombs all over the island and some of them are in kind of odd places, where they might have been out off by themselves at one point but stuff was built up around them. So anyway, "tomb" is my guess.

We haven't gotten to go exploring in a bit since Lee was on call for work this weekend and he's working 12-hour shifts all week. I've got about a half hour before I need to start figuring out what to make for dinner so it's ready when he gets here. We are planning to get out of the house this weekend and see what kind of trouble we can get into, though!

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adifrog said...

Have you actually said "Kadena Marina" out loud yet? Try it--it's fun!