Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tiptoe Through the Tulips!

My card for the day!! (All supplies by Stampin' Up!) It's for an inspiration challenge on Splitcoast. I went to a Market Day event with my new friend Amber (clicky for her blog!) today and that's where I bought this tulip stamp set. I kinda wanted it when it was in the Stampin' Up catalog and just never got it, so I just about ran around the room yelling "Score!!" when I bought this. Amber, I totally owe you two bucks. I kinda wish I'd reversed how I did the tulips to either side so I could have put the "Spring" panel up a bit, that'd be more in line with the sketch I was working with. Still, I like this card, I like the colors. Had to use the same pink that I did on my card in the last post.

We had a good time at the Market Day (kinda like a small craft fair) and met another Splitcoast stamper, Sabrina (I thought she had a blog but I lost it? Or maybe I imagined's possible) I think Amber and I might do a table at one of these things in the future, it looked like fun. Sabrina does these super cute diaper cakes...Adrienne, if you were having a baby anytime soon, I so would have plunked down the money for one of these TODAY it was so cute. Yellow and green with adorable frogs on it!!! But since you pretty much have the same baby attitude that I do, I didn't buy it :-) There were also a couple of tables where people were selling large prints of photographs from around the island. They were GORGEOUS. I'm gonna drag Lee to the next Market Day and buy a couple, I can't tell you how beautiful they were. Makes me want to take some photography classes and go shoot some pictures...but right now we're going to dinner and a movie!! Yay!! Haven't been to the movies in forever so I'm happy.


Amber said...

This is beeeutiful! You got busy right away didnt'ya?:) I love this, it's a great card for the challenge! I love the colors! You totally DON'T owe me two dollars either, it's no problem;)
Luke and Jesse say "Thanks" for the yummy treats, they were gone practically before I got them out of my hands, lol!
Hope you guys enjoy the movie, Billy had to do tear down at the deployed spouses dinner, so we didn't get to do much. We went to Jack's for dinner, that place was PACKED!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow! Anyways, enjoy the movie:)

adifrog said...

I totally got the French joke from your other post. Did you know there's a movie out about Edith Piaf?

I checked out your pal Amber's blog, and I wondered if you saw that hippo stamp? Your mom would love that! (By the way, she has some really cute cards!)

You scared me at first with the baby comment, but I kept reading and realized you knew better than to ask about that kind of stuff. ;)

The AFA formal is tonight at Texas Motor Speedway. Obviously, the speedway is enough reason by itself for me to be excited, but I actually had two possible dresses I'd been wanting to wear to something. I'm going for a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" classic-style thing.

I sent you the most *ghetto* card with the check this week. All I can say is...Merry Christmas!

Sabrina said...

Beautiful card Christy and I am glad I got to meet you in person girl :D. I am happy you and Amber enjoyed the craft fair and you guys should get a table. I know you can sell some cards or something. I guess I'll have to stay on you girls :D:D:D.
A friend of mine (who usually is at the Market Day as well) offers photography classes at the craft store and I believe it is only $ 25.00 for the entire thing. She is the lady that sells her pics at the Kadena Gift Corner.
Hope to hear from you some time :D
Oh, I don't have a Blog yet, I think I am not as computer fit as I thought I was, guess age shows :D:D:D