Saturday, February 9, 2008

When We go Shopping!

Ever hear the Barenaked Ladies song about shopping? It's stuck in my head. And we did go shopping today at the commissary. I'd earmarked a couple of recipes I wanted to try out this week so I had a list ready....and they don't have jumbo pasta shells at the commissary. Argh! They do have a lot of stuff, but not as much as Wally can find your laundry detergent, but it only comes in the small bottles, etc. I had a hard time finding crescent rolls too, and if they hadn't had THOSE then I woulda just had to tell Lee that we can't stay in Japan, we have to go back to the US where they have real stores. :p Alas, I will not get to try the enchilada stuffed pasta shells (interesting combination, no?) but at least we got stuff to make tacos tonight. And we got some strawberries that smell so good, it ought to be illegal. Mmmm, strawberries...I got some chocolate to dip them in too :-)

We also went shopping for Lee's dad's birthday present and I have to say, we're positively gleeful at how easy it's going to be to shop for everyone while we're here. We found a shop that sells puzzle boxes, got one all packed and shipped off today and I can't wait to hear about it when Lee's dad tries to open the thing. It takes 12 steps and I haven't a clue how to do it after watching the lady who sold it to us open and close it twice. And because we're evil, we kept the instructions :-)

This same shop had quite a few pieces of Okinawa lacquerware that I would have liked to get, but oooh, spendy. It's beautiful, red lacquer with inlaid designs on it, and they had all kinds of things made out of it dishes and decorative items and such. The most expensive thing I saw was $800, some kind of large vase with a dragon design on it, and they had a small chopstick stand for about $30 (I have learned to eat with chopsticks since we got here, I'm so proud of myself!). And in this same shop they sell Hello Kitty toasters and those wooden Japanese sandals that they wear with socks (Fashion Police!!!) and all kinds of other things. We took our puzzle box to the pack and ship place a few doors down and this woman made us a box to send the puzzle box in. She started with a flat piece of corrugated cardboard and just cut and scored it with a razor, making a custom-fitted box for us. Pretty amazing to watch and it cost us $3.

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