Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Age of Aquarium Part 2

So here are some pictures from the inside of the aquarium, to prove that we didn't just walk *around* it ;) I'm not posting most of the pictures Lee took of the fish in the tanks since a lot didn't come out too well (maybe we need a new camera...) and in any case, I can't identify most of the fishies anyway. But they did have this one really impressive tank, you could pretty much walk all the way around it and look in from different angles. On one side they have some stadium seating on a second story so you can just sit and watch all the inhabitants swim around, and on the lower level they have a restaurant where you can get a table right up next to the windows.

They had three whale sharks in this tank, and according to Lee, although they were huge they aren't full grown yet. You can kind of see in this picture (above) there's a place on the left where the window arches, you can go down there and look up into the tank although I don't recommend it because it's really sunny that way. There's several nurse sharks hanging out on top of that window being lazy.

This kind of gives you an idea how big the tank is, check it out in comparison to all the people standing at the bottom. I mean granted, a lot of Japanese are shorter than Americans, but still. :)

And here's us inside a replica of megalodon jaws. I think it's megalodon...whatever it is, it's like a dinosaur-era shark that makes the Great White look like a guppy. Sorry the lighting's not the best in this one, we traded cameras with a group of teenage Japanese guys and of course neither of us could communicate with the other group except by sign language. :)

So all in all, a pretty cool place. There's an awesome aquarium we've been to in Myrtle Beach, SC, that's a Ripley's Aquarium (they have another one in Pigeon Forge near Dollywood in Tennessee). That one is still my favorite one thus far, it had an awesome exhibit all about the Titanic. But hey, this one was still cool. Lee thought the coolest part was the tank with the whale sharks; we ate at the restaurant and spent some time just staring in the windows. Several times this giant manta ray came right up to the window in front of us. And I mean giant, that thing had to be at least six feet across. And we got to see some of the marine life that's native to this area of the world. Lee's now even more itching to go scuba diving.

As for me...well, the bathrooms were pretty cool. The toilet had a heated seat. No, really!

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lizguidry said...

I've been to the one in Pigeon Forge, TN. Did they have any pirate exhibits there in Japan? haha! I think you are right about the megladon, but Bobby isn't here to verify...