Wednesday, March 5, 2008

And Your Bird Can Sing!

As much as I love the Beatles, I like that song better done by Matthew Sweet and Susannah Hoffs (she of the Bangles), aka Sid & Susie. They have a CD out called Under the Covers Vol. 1 that I just love. But on to today's story!

My great-grandmother, Mimi, loved hummingbirds. She had a hummingbird feeder hanging in a tree just outside her big kitchen window, and I used to love sitting in the kitchen and watching for the birds. I sat really still so as not to scare them off, and tried to take pictures of them, but the little buggers are so fast that it's really tough to get a good pic. Particularly for an amateur kid photographer. Anyway, those memories inspired this card:

All supplies by Stampin' Up! I'm finally using the new stamps I got :-) Yay! I think the three panels look kinda like a window, and then I had to put the hummingbird up on dimensionals so he pops up off the card. And since one hummingbird card deserves another, here ya go!

I looked at a bunch of pictures on a needlework website, looking for ideas to color in my hummingbird, and I came across just one with a rusty-colored one. Well, Mimi had red hair, and this one's different than all the rest, so it just seemed perfect to me! This is a Rufous hummingbird, and according to the page I was looking at, they're "feisty". Yep, that was Mimi too. The first card will probably go to my friend Rhonda, who really convinced me to buy that stamp set with all the pretty cards she uploaded onto Splitcoast, and the second will undoubtedly go to my mom. I'm trying to be better about actually sending the cards I make!


Corie said...

Both of these are BEAUTIFUL

Amber said...

Pretty cards Christi, I love the one with three panels, cute story:)
I ran past your house this morning, lol! We ran from the gym, past my neighborhood, down shlegel, and then back up douglas, have you SEEN the huge hill that is called Douglas? I was DYING by the end, lol! Anyways, I peeked over to see if you had the pups out, but didn't see ya! You got anything going on this weekend? I'm just stampin! We have the "you know what" next week and I'm night shift so I won't get to stamp:(

Amber said...

Okay woman, looks like you got some to do! You have to stamp for me too, since I can't stamp much this week:( How's Lee doing on nights? I bout DIED last night, or should I say this morning. It was soooo rough. I slept okay today though, I went to bed at 6:30 and woke up at 10:00 wide awake! Then I just layed back down and willed myself to sleep and I slept until 2:30! YEah me! but, just to make sure I don't wake up early again tomorrow, I went and bought some Nyquil. Can you believe I got like the last bottle in the shoppette? They were out of ALL sleepy time medicine, haha! Okay, off to have some pizza and get ready for work:) Have a good night!

Amber said...

That's supposed to say "stampin' to do" lol, it's the weird hours, yeah that's it.

Laura (scrapnextras) said...

Hi Cristy,
I decided to pop over to your blog after your comment on my card on SCS, just to see what you were up to. I knew you were going to Japan, and I have quite enjoyed catching up with you on your blog! Love your commentaries, the food, the signs everything. Wish you well...thanks for the sweet comments, I'll pop in again!