Sunday, March 23, 2008


Happy Easter! Today's post is all about the little things that make me happy. So that I don't feel like I'm totally talking to myself, I hope that my four (possibly five! hehe) readers will tell me what makes THEM happy too!

1. We have a fence!!! Lee finished putting up the backyard fence on Saturday. I can't tell you how happy it makes me that I can just open the back door and let the dogs out, and I don't have to stand there and supervise! If I'm feeling really nice, I can just leave the door open a bit and let them go in and out as they please; the weather is nice enough that it's not bad to do that (except for the fact that it rained all day yesterday.) I have literally jumped up and down and cheered, I'm so happy about that fence. Lee is the coolest!!!

2. The sprayer thingimawhozit on the kitchen sink actually works. In our house in North Carolina, the sprayer thing didn't work at all, so it's particularly nice to have a working one now...makes doing dishes easier. Hmm, I wonder if I could spray it far enough to hit Vader when he's in the kitchen doorway...well, maybe I'd better not.

3. Lee and I went out on Saturday to take some clothes to the dry cleaners and I've discovered that there's a Subway and a Pizza Hut Express within walking distance of the house. Sure, it's a bit of a hike up a pretty big hill, but totally do-able, and with a hike that long I wouldn't feel bad about eating pizza now and again :) And I really wouldn't feel guilty if I walked up there and had a turkey sandwich from Subway!

4. New shoes!! I am such a girl...I found these shoes at the BX. Have you ever seen the ones that are like tennis shoes, only they don't have laces and they're backless slip-ons? I couldn't imagine wanting anything like that before now, but it finally occurred to me that they'd be great for taking the kids out for walks once it gets really hot...don't have to wear socks with them so I could wear shorts and not get a sock line! Yay! PLUS they are super comfy. I was so excited I wore them all day yesterday. Hooray for new shoes!

5. My dad emailed me this picture...

This is what I do when I'm not stamping or surfing the Internet, I cross stitch. Yep, I made that!! My mom just had it framed. Click on the picture to see a much larger version :) This is actually the second peacock I've stitched for my mom, she's got a thing for 'em. This one has lots of metallic thread in it for sparkle (a LOT more than shows in the photo) and also incorporates our favorite color--purple. My mom is in the midst of repainting half their house, so the dining room (and the peacock's new home) will be a green color to coordinate with the mat. She's also wanting to redecorate her kitchen with lots of ivy and grapes type stuff, so this will fit right in with that when she gets it all done. Mom is thrilled with how this turned out and so am I. That was a lot of work!

I haven't actually stitched anything since we got to Okinawa, but I did bring several projects with me. I should go dig through what I've got and find something to work on when I don't feel like making endless cards...I feel less guilty about sitting around watching DVDs if I'm actually doing something else at the same time. I've got at least one or two projects started plus supplies for several more, so I won't run out of things to do anytime soon.

So, what makes YOU happy today?


lizguidry said...

I'm happy for...
1. The Lord (isn't that obvious, since it's Easter)
2. Good friends
3. New toys that keep kids occupied for hours
4. My layout book (thanks Christy)
5. A working computer b/c mine brokedown yesterday and wouldn't start up but somehow managed to work this afternoon.

Amber said...

Woohoo Christy! I'm so happy ya'll got your fence up! That's definately worth jumping up and down for!
I'm happy for:
1) My happy lil family (Billy and my fur-babies). We're all healthy and happy!
2) Stamping, but mostly buying stampy goodies:D
3) The Air Force (Everyonce in awhile I get in a patriotic mood, today has been one of those days)
4) Wireless Internet
5) Stamping buddies (even though we haven't stamped together yet, I have a feeling that the day is coming soon, lol!)

Happy belated Easter!

Angel W said...

I've lived in many houses without a working kitchen sink sprayer and I am with you..... it rocks! From one military gal to another...... Happy Spring!

Anonymous said...

yellowrose46 on SCS

I am happy for......
1. Life and health
2. The beauty of nature all around us....right now there's lots of snow here.
3. Wonderful friends
4. A fulfilling career in health care.
5. Three delightful grandsons.
I absolutely love! your embroidered peacock. What a great talent and perseverence to get that done!

Elizebeth said...

WOW! This is fantastic! You made a BEATUTIFUL piece for your mom!

Anonymous said...

1. Every day I wake up "on the right side of the sod"
2. My awesome group of friends- couldn't live without them! ( especially my "hoser" Canadian boyfriend)
3. My four legged friend "The Bubba dog"( who is now whining like a baby to be let out of the craft room to see his "buddy"- the boyfriend)

4. My beautiful little house and yard that bring me lots of joy and give me enough to do to stay out of trouble/not get bored. I am rebuilding a very old stone wall at the back of my property and gardening to spruce things up a bit.
5. My hobbies, which give me great joy- stamping, gardening, reading, handsewing country felt mats- candle coasters/pennyrugs for soup mugs, etc.