Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sam's By the Sea

Last week, we went out to dinner at Sam's By the Sea with our friends Brad and Elizabeth. This is one of the places my parents kept telling us we needed to go far they've been striking out. Genghis Khan's, the Mongolian barbecue place, is still here but it's in a different place and just not as cool-looking as they remember. Kyoto Hotel, which had a Kobe beef restaurant in it, is now a big hole in the ground. Well, the third time is the charm apparently....Sam's is still here and looks the same as it did way back when.

We drove into the parking lot and were directed to a spot by a pirate. No, really. It's funny, we've been a couple places here where they have people whose sole duty it is to direct you to a parking space. It'd be like going to the movie theater and having a bunch of guys out there directing traffic. Anyway, we parked and there's this great big Tiki man out front.

And to prove to my parents that we actually did go to Sam's, we got Brad to take our picture by the sign. Kind of funny that the "exotic tropical drinks" part is bigger than the "seafood and steaks" part. Wonder what's important here?

This sign was also out front...I love these kind of things that tell you how far to get to certain places. Especially since it has one for Sam's Bar. Don't ask me why this is all done in feet and miles when they use the metric system for everything else here. Guess it's the American influence.

So, I don't know what to compare this place to in the States. It was rather dimly lit so I can't tell you what all they had as decorations, other than some puffer fish that had lights inside them. We went in and every person working in the restaurant would bow and greet us as we passed. I mean, really--Americans are soooo not this polite. Or at least, not so formal. Our waitress was very good and efficient. Brad says when they give you soup, they're so precise that they only ever give you three croutons in the bowl. And they always make sure the Sam's logo is at the bottom of the place setting and easy to read.

We had a curry soup that was seasoned with ginger (Lee tried to argue with me about that when we went to Jack's Place, I got out my spices and made him smell the ginger when we got home to prove to him that it DID have ginger in the soup) and some bread...regular white roll and then triangles of something kind of like pumpkin bread. What was unusual was the butter, it was flavored with something and very sweet--almost tasted like strawberries. Whoever heard of strawberry butter? It was soooo good though. Well, I have a sweet tooth so of course I liked it. Lee and I both had filet mignon and he had shrimp as well. They had something on the menu where they serve meat on a flaming samurai sword, I tried really hard to talk Lee into that one but he wouldn't order it. Next time we go though...or if not, then Dad, I expect you to order that when we take you to Sam's!

All the food was absolutely delicious and we were all completely stuffed by the time we left. On the way out, at Amber's suggestion, I checked out the restroom...I swear, they had more pictures and such hanging up on the wall in ONE bathroom stall than I have in my whole house. Ok, so we haven't hung up any pictures here yet, but there were more in there than I had up in the whole house in North Carolina before we moved. I wish that it had been lighter in the restaurant so I could have seen all the decorations, maybe next time we'll go on a weekend at lunchtime so I can see better. All the people working in the restaurant bowed again as we left and said thank you and all that. It's just amazing the level of commitment they seem to have to doing an outstanding job on everything. I have got to get into the habit of bowing, I don't want to be a stereotypical rude American while we're here. At least I know how to say thank you in Japanese, that's a start.

So arigato gozaimasu to all FOUR of my readers, hehe!


lizguidry said...

I read your blog too, crazy lady! I just don't comment ;) Miss you!

Rich302 said...

You bet I will order that when we go to Sam's! Still working on Disneyrand with Mom.


Amber said...

Haha, wasn't the bathroom WILD? I felt like I was in a old country cabin or something, so cool, how about the oyster shell sink? I lvoe that bathroom, more than a girl should, lol! Glad you liked it, next time you go, try the shrimp spring rolls, OMG. YUUUUUMMMMYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sabrina said...

One thing is for sure, they can cook there. My hubby and I went there last year for our Anniversary, and like Amber said, those shrimp spring rolls are the BEST! Did you have dessert? Not really big portions there, but oh sooooo good!