Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Strawberry Fields Forever

My card for this week's sketch challenge over on Splitcoast. I really like how it turned out, all those polka dots just make me happy :) I used markers to color in the strawberry stamp, I like how they kind of came out with some color variation to them, I think that makes them more visually interesting. All supplies for this card and the next are from Stampin' Up!

I got the idea for this one and just had to make it. I've got another one like that rattling around in my head but it'll have to wait until tomorrow. Anyway, we're going to a wedding this weekend, I thought maybe this would's awfully feminine, though, maybe it'd be better suited to a bridal shower or something. I just really like this though. I don't think I do the uber-feminine cards that often so it's nice to get all pink and frilly every once in a while :) This one has shimmery white and silver cardstock, plus a subtle filigree background on it. It's nice every once in a while to look at a finished card and think, "That's exactly what I was trying to do."

The card was inspired by a china pattern I saw in the China Pete's annex. It was a white plate with silver edging, and one single rose done in gray and pink, just gorgeous. Too bad I don't need any more dishes...well, I think Lee is relieved I'm not buying any more! I think we should get a few display pieces though, our china cabinet here is mostly empty and it looks weird. Plus we need some Okinawa keepsakes so we can point at them to all our nieces and nephews (even though right now we don't have any nieces *or* nephews and probably won't for quite a while...) and tell them "I bought that in Japan!" My kids don't care where we bought stuff. They're dogs. They just want food, toys, and time to play out in the backyard. And they want to be allowed up on the couch and the bed since those are the cushy spots to sleep. But we won't let them.

G'night y'all!


Lynn said...

These are great cards for sketch challenge, I really like the polka dots on the strawberry card and how you used the key tag punch on the roses on the other card!

Kisa Peters said...

Love the strawberry card!!! LOVE IT!