Saturday, March 1, 2008

Things that Make Me Smile

Not much to report in Okinawa-land...the grounding continues so we can't go anywhere interesting, which kinda stinks because I'd rather like to go to Genghis Khan's and get some Mongolian barbecue. Yum! That's why the Mongol hordes were able to conquer vast swaths of Asia and Europe, they were well-fed. Hehe! Ok, that and they were highly organized and extraordinarily skilled mounted warriors united under a charismatic leader. But enough history lesson.

I was thinking the other day of things that make me smile and lucky me, I've got a picture of one of those things. It makes me smile when Sadie's laying down and her ears stick straight up like the ears on Batman's costume. And when she wakes up and looks at you, she *really* looks like a bat:

Yep, that's my Batgirl. Vader is pretty funny too, he's part dragon. He waits until Sadie's not paying attention to a particular toy, then he sneaks in and grabs it, and then he runs off to hide it in his stash. Seriously. I was getting ready for bed one night and around Vader's bed (and under mine) I found three chew bones, two Kongs, the ring toy, a rope, and a deflated basketball that is Sadie's favorite toy. All hidden around his bed.

You know what else made me smile this week? The Ways to Use It challenge on Splitcoast. The challenge was to make a card using some sort of musical inspiration, whether it be music-related stamps or paper, or a card that was inspired by a song title or song lyric. I had an absolute ball with that challenge, I made TEN cards for it. Yeah, ten. You can see them all in my gallery on SCS. Almost as much fun as making the cards was looking through and commenting on everybody else's. I had so many great songs go through my head while I was doing that, and I had to have Lee buy "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" on iTunes so I could have it on my iPod. I chose some of my favorite songs--"Manic Monday" by the Bangles, "Raspberry Beret" by Prince, "Hey There Delilah" by the Plain White T's, "Over the Rainbow" from the Wizard of Oz. Plus more :) The only things that made me sad about the music challenge was a.) I didn't have time to do a hundred different cards, and b.) I didn't buy the Egypt-themed stamps at the craft store last weekend. Dude, I coulda made a rockin' "Walk Like an Egyptian" card!

My dad says I have the widest range of musical taste of anyone he knows. My iPod has several thousand songs on it, everything from classical (Tchaikovsky is my favorite, love Sleeping Beauty in particular), musicals (Camelot and The Sound of Music are my faves, but I also love the musical they did on Buffy the Vampire Slayer!), oldies (yay for the Beatles and the Beach Boys!), lots of '80s stuff (the Bangles have been my favorite band since I was about six, I own all their CDs), and quite a bit of newer stuff, rock, pop, alternative, a little country. The Plain White T's are probably my favorite band that's done stuff real recently, I bought a CD of theirs having never heard "Hey There Delilah" or anything else on it because they had a review of it in People magazine, and then I had to go buy the other two CDs as well. Some of their song titles are hilarious, like "Friends Don't Let Friends Dial Drunk". Mom and I had a great time singing along to those when we were out and about shopping while I was in Texas.

You know what doesn't make me smile? Aspercreme. Sometimes I'm afraid I'm getting arthritis in my right hand, in between my index and middle fingers and all around the saddle joint of my thumb. I am twenty-eight years old, I am *not* old enough to be carting around a tube of Aspercreme everywhere I go because I have arthritis or carpal tunnel or something. I think it's the computer that's doing it to me, because it seems to hurt most when I've been moving the mouse for a while and clicking a lot. This is not good since almost all my hobbies involve a great deal of manual dexterity with my hands and I'm right-handed. Sigh. As Bette Davis said, getting old ain't for sissies. At least, I have a stamp that attributes that quote to her, she of the Kim Carnes song. Which is also on my iPod.

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acreativeneed said...

Hey, Christy! I had to post a comment on this one...'cause I think your musical taste is pretty cool, and, Yaaa that Buffy musical rocked!