Sunday, March 30, 2008

U-G-L-Y, It Ain't Got No Alibi!

Yep, definitely ugly. I just do NOT get along with Bravo Burgundy, it's too dark for me to work with. I so miss Baroque Burgundy or Cranberry Crisp, both of those were much prettier dark reds than this color. On the other hand, I'm actually starting to like Always Artichoke...

Anyway, I made this card last week, another in my odyssey to do all the sketch challenges (38 left) and all the color challenges (58 left). Unfortunately I hate this color combo thanks to the burgundy, and it's featured TWICE on the color challenge list. Ugh! Maybe next time I can go for mostly Pumpkin Pie and Always Artichoke, and relegate Bravo Burgundy to a teeny tiny supporting role. I love the stamp set I used for this card, I just think the card itself is terrifically ugly. Proof that Fabulous Flowers is not always fabulous, but you have to work hard to cover up the fabulosity.

Speaking of color combinations I don't like, I've decided that Color Challenge #52 is's the one with 12 different color challenges of all sorts of random colors thrown together. I've done 4 of them and I'm tired of having them laugh at me when I look through my CC list, so I stamped out a bunch of Bellas and colored them in tonight using those evil color combos. So over the next few weeks I'll be making cards with those Bellas and I'll knock all the evil CC52 challenges off my list. I chose Bellas for this because there are several of them that have lots of pieces to color, like my Bookwormabella card and bookmark I posted a little bit back--makes it easier to fit in a bunch of colors. So I pick maybe two colors I like together and I'll use those for the main colors on my card, and the rest of the colors just get teeny places in the colored image.

Lee and I went to a wedding reception on Saturday that was quite interesting. It was a melding of Japanese/Okinawan customs and American customs since the bride is Okinawan and the groom is American. We took a bunch of pictures and I'm hoping at least a few of them came out well, so I'll post about that tomorrow when I get the camera up here...too lazy to go downstairs and get it right now.

Random Japanese Factoid: A lot of their furnishings are set much lower than is typical in America. We've been to several furniture stores on the island, and I've seen dining tables that are probably at least 12 inches shorter than the "norm" and a lot of beds that don't even come up knee-high. A lot of the couches sit much lower, too. I went to the restroom in the hotel where the reception was last night, and the sinks were right around the level of my knees. Granted, I was wearing heels (really cute ones with rhinestone dragonflies!) but they aren't *that* tall since I can't hardly walk in high heels, much less tall ones (I must have missed that day in school when they taught girls how to apply makeup and walk in high heels...) I just find that little factoid interesting. I'm trying to share the "little stuff" that's different about living over here as opposed to America, while we're still new enough to the island that it's a novelty to me. So hopefully I'm keeping you guys somewhat entertained with my ramblings.


Glenda J said...

Christy - it is terrific! Love the crisscross thread and the ripped image. I love Bravo Burgundy and think you've done a great job with it!

Joan and Amy said...

This is NOT ugly....I love how the thread is laced up. It's wonderful. Joan