Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cow's it Going?

This week's inspiration challenge was to look at the Cow Parade pictures and then choose a cow to use as inspiration for a card. The first cow I chose was Hulacow:

Apparently I'm still in a hula mood even though I've already done one Hawaiian card this week, but anyway I made this:

All supplies are Stampin' Up! I love that retired stamp set, Do the Hula...when (if) I ever get around to doing a scrapbook from our honeymoon I'm going to use this stamp set for it. We went on a Disney cruise to the Caribbean :)

Anyway, apparently these cows are like potato chips because I couldn't choose just one. I loved the colors on this one, Muu Nica Alada (what's that mean anyway?):

So I made this card. I liked the iridescence on the cow but I couldn't find the marker I needed to add a bit of shine to my card, so it just had to stay the way it is. All supplies on this one are also by Stampin' Up!

I managed to knock out two more color challenges and two more sketch challenges with these cards :) So now I have 45 color challenges left and 27 sketch challenges left. I'm working at it! And I only have four of the twelve CC52 challenges left, which is good--I can't wait to be done with those.

Back to the cows. When Lee and I were in college at Baylor University in Waco, TX, they had a bunch of cows around town kind of like the Cow Parade, only I think these were all longhorns (it IS Texas after all). We used to call them the Wa-Cows, aren't we clever. :p I know there was one out in front of Cameron Park Zoo that was painted all cool, Lee and I had our picture taken with it when we went to the zoo with some friends. That's not the dorky outing it sounds like, the Waco zoo is actually very cool--it's probably the best one I can remember going to. Waaaayyyy better than Pensacola's and we never went to one in North Carolina.

We went to Kitty Hawk in NC twice, and all around the Kitty Hawk/Nag's Head area they have statues of horses in front of a lot of local businesses that are all done up and decorated like the Cow Parade. If we get to go back there, I'm going to make Lee stop at every single one I see so I can take a picture of it. They had at least one pegasus that was gorgeous, and I remember one that was decorated with a mosaic of small mirrors, which made it kind of hard to look at in the sunlight. Some of them are beautiful and some of them are just a bit silly. Since I've been a horse lover since I was five or six, I think I like the horses better than the cows, but that's just me :)

I hope we get to go back to that area, I can't imagine how we lived in North Carolina for three years and didn't go check out the lighthouses all along the Outer Banks. We did buy a cool little map that has the locations of all the shipwrecks off the coast of North Carolina, the "ghost fleet" which includes a fair number of pirate ships, arrrrgh! We put up pictures around the house yesterday and we just haven't figured out where to put the Ghost Fleet yet. We left a lot of that kind of decorative stuff in storage when we came out here so we need to get some local flava in here. When Amber and I went to Market Day there were people selling prints of some drop-dead gorgeous photos taken around the island. I want to buy them all and then I want to have someone teach me how to take drop-dead gorgeous photos like those. We'll see what happens.


Amber said...

OMG Christy! I know what map you're talking about! Billy and I went on a lil family vaca with his family to the outer banks! We went to a couple lighthouses and they all had gift shops and I saw alot of those maps of sunken pirate ships and stuff, very cool! I love that area, we plan on making that a yearly (when we get back to the states) vacation with the family! Did ya'll go to the big dunes in kitty hawk where they do the hang-gliding? We went there, it was way fun! Crazy huge dunes!
Oh, and I loooOOove your cards girl, you're crankin those challenges out! You'll be done before you know it;)

CCsMom said...

Wanted to see if I could blog a second time after having to sign up yet again. We'll see. Love ya -- Mom

CCsMom said...

It WORKED!!! -- Mom