Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ev'rybody's Got a Laughing Place

It's sketch challenge Wednesday! Yay! Actually it took me longer than usual to produce a card for the sketch challenge, but today I ended up with two.

All supplies except black ink by Stampin' Up! I had been wanting to use this raspberries/flower stamp with this color combination for *weeks* and I was just waiting for a sketch that would work with it. I had to turn this week's sketch on its side, but I'm allowed to do that :) I chose the thank you sentiment just because it's always helpful to have thank you cards laying around. I really like how this one turned out; I don't often use Blush Blossom and I've only recently started to even like Always Artichoke, so it's nice to do a color combination that's a little different than my norm. Of course, it is an old color challenge, so that's one more down, 41 to go!

I thought I would do a horizontal card since that's the way the original sketch was faced. This apple crate stamp is from the "For Father" stamp set in the Occasions mini catalog, I just loved it. The set also has a puppy with a big ol' pair of work boots, and the puppy looks kinda like my kids, so of course that just sealed the deal. I must have been in a watercoloring mood today...this one took me *forever* to paint. I was trying to make the apples look like those ones that are both red and yellow, not sure I really got that across but I gave it a shot. I can always use more practice watercoloring.

Lee just hollered at me that tonight I'd be sleeping with one of the famous Laughing Geckos over my side of the bed. I took a picture of him (and Lee says I prolly blinded him with the flash) so here he is:

I bet he's the same one I saw in the bathroom the other day. Hey, as long as he doesn't fall on my head or crawl across my face in the night, I don't mind him being here. Eat all the bugs you want, buddy! Wonder if he'll wake me up laughing tonight? Hmm.

At first when Lee yelled about a gecko being on the wall, I thought he meant this ceramic gecko that Mom gave us for Christmas. It's meant to be hung up on the wall but we haven't figured out where to put it yet; I wondered if he hung it up somewhere after all. But nope, tonight it was a real live, breathing, laughing gecko. (By the way, "Ev'rybody's Got a Laughing Place" is the song that plays in Splash Mountain at Disneyland. I figured it was an appropriate theme for my friend up on the wall.)

Tomorrow we're going out to dinner at a sushi restaurant. Um, yeah...wish me luck on that one, me who doesn't eat it if it came out of the water...Well, I suppose I couldn't live in Japan for very long without getting dragged out to eat raw fish. Although another of Lee's coworkers said that they have (cooked) egg sushi that she really likes, so maybe I can do that! Baby steps, y'all! I hope she meant chicken eggs and not fish eggs....also tomorrow, I shall share my famous lasagna recipe! And if you're really lucky, my even more famous pumpkin cookie recipe!


CCsMom said...

He's kinda fat, isn't he?!!! They don't bite or anything -- just wriggle, so if he does fall on you, he'd be more scared than you are. Still . . . having one crawl on you is WEIRD. Take it from someone who knows.

Just talked to someone who went to Hong Kong and went to the plant (Merck) over there. I told him our story and he thinks it's really cool. He thought maybe some day he'd like to work overseas for at least a year. LOVED it!!! Hong Kong would be an interesting place to go, wouldn't it?

Sweet dreams! I imagine they will be full of dancing, laughing geckos. -- Mom

Kisa Peters said...

Ick for the Gecko...Great Sketch cards!

Joan said...

I like your thank you's an interesting way to make the strip of thank-you's. Beautiful. Joan