Saturday, April 26, 2008

Meet Sokka

Yep, we finally got a second car. The first one we got, now *my* car (YAY!!) is a green Toyota FunCargo that we named Kitara after a character on the cartoon Avatar: The Last Air Bender, so we decided to stick with the theme and name this one Sokka after Kitara's brother. We had been looking at a white FunCargo and if we'd gotten that, I woulda had to name it Appa after the big white air bison. And most of you have probably never seen the cartoon and thus have no clue what I'm talking about :)

Anyway, we've spent the last two weeks going back and forth from the lemon lot to the used car dealers in the area trying to figure out what we wanted to get. Ok, so really, LEE was the picky, picky, PICKY one. He kept flipping back and forth between getting a piece of junk for him to take back and forth to work, or else getting a nicer car like the one we already had and then not having to worry as much about maintenance and such. Back and forth, back and forth. Well anyway, we ended up getting this one much cheaper than any of the ones we'd been eying at the used car lots. So now this is Lee's car and I get Kitara and I can go to the gym and the post office and the commissary and anywhere else I want to go!

I had mistakenly told my parental units that we were looking at a Toyota Celica rather than a Honda Civic. If we had, in fact, gotten a Celica, then we would have had to name it Tom. Tom...Celica! Bwahahahahahaaa! Ok, I crack myself up.

And yes, I name my cars. The last ones we had in the States were Tony the Tahoe and Sally the Saturn. I had Sally for ten years...I hated to let her go. My first car was this huge land yacht Buick that we named Lucy for the Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." Then I had Sally for ten years, and now I've got Kitara. So I've had three cars since I started driving twelve years ago, and in that time, I think my dad has had more like TEN different ones. :) If we hadn't moved here, I'd probably *still* have Sally.


Crafty Math Chick said...

Hi Christy,

Congrats on your new baby!


PS - I name my cars too. I drove "Caesar," a green Chevrolet Cavalier, for 9 years. We sold him in the lemon lot on base in AL before moving overseas. We got a call 20 minutes after parking him there, and then he was gone. It was very weird.

lizguidry said...

So you aren't stranded at home anymore - good for you! It will take me awhile to adjust to your new car names since I am used to Tony and Sally. Steve and Sarah REALLY miss parking near them!! :) Miss you girl!

Amber said...

Woohoo! New car! I'm so happy you got one, isn't it freeing?:D Have fun terrorizing Oki!;)

CCsMom said...

Yay! So glad you got a car and now you aren't stranded at home during the day. That will be nice. The plans of coming to see you seem to get more real every day. We will have SO MUCH FUN! Cracked me up about Lee saying he would drive us around just to hear us say, "Hey, I don't remember that . . . " He's just too funny for words. Love ya, kiddo! -- Mom

Jamie said...

Tom Celica BWAHAHAHAHAHA. It is nice to not be stranded and go to the gym!! Congrats on the new car.

diva! said...

Nice car Christy! Sorry I haven't commented lately! I went back and read all your blogs from the end of February where I left off and here are my remarks:

California Dreamin': What? You have me to come visit in California you stinker! I would be more than happy to accompany you in your quest to see Porterville.

Pretty peacock picture for mom: I absolutely love peacocks too! And that picture was sooo pretty. I am excited for Mrs. Walker getting to use it in her green room with purple accents!

Gecko's!: That gecko picture looks just like the geckos I see when I go to India. But I never heard those lizards chirping either. I used to just watch them eat nearby flies - it was soo cool to watch!

The places you have been going to sound absolutely fascinating! It's so neat that you got the opportunity to attend a hybrid Japanese-American wedding. And good job on the cards! You are so creative...which also brings me to my official..THANK YOU FOR MY B-DAY CARD! It came two days before my birthday and was the only card I got so it was extra special!

Sushi: I just acquired my taste for sushi within the last year or so. You know I don't eat seafood or fish either, but sushi is good! I just pretend like I don't know what I am inserting in my mouth because if someone tells me, I tend to freak out. Otherwise, I like the really spicy kind with stuff thats fried inside of them! I dunno what the "stuff" is though!

My car has a name too: Ebony. Her nickname is GhostRider though cuz she's black with blingin' chrome 20" wheels...I love her...

Ooohh! So guess what? I'll be on the same continent as you pretty soon. I am going to India for 6 weeks beginning in May with my sister and mother. I absolutely cannot wait to go! It will be such a great, relaxing getaway that I have been needing so badly!!!

Anyway, great job on documenting your days in Japan. You will always be able to look back at this and remember it all with so much more vividness!

Love you and miss you much!