Thursday, April 24, 2008

More Shikina-En

Ok, I picked out some more pictures so it wasn't all close-up flower shots. Here's another building on the Shikina-En grounds. They didn't have a lot of signs telling you what particular things were so I can't tell you anything about this building. You can see the wooden wall thing I talked about on this though, if you click on the picture you'll see a larger version of it. Look on the right side of the picture--see the hedges on the far right, and then the little railing immediately to the left of them? Look right above the railing and those are the wooden panels all pushed to one side since the weather was nice. Those are the ones that can slide down to cover the house.

Like I said, a big part of the garden was the pond. Several bridges crossed the pond at different places, so here's a picture with two of them. I thought it was interesting how whoever built the bridge didn't smooth the stones they used or anything, they were left in their natural state. Course, that does sound like it would jive with a Buddhist or Shinto world-view, to interfere as little as possible with nature. The steps are smooth, but they're also angled rather than being flat.

Here's another view of both bridges.

Here's a pagoda! Yep, that's all I got for this one.

Ok, that's it for Shikina-En and Shuri-Jo Castle. Hope you've enjoyed the pics!


CCsMom said...

What a nice day it was. Just seems so peaceful. LOVED the pics! Some of those flowers, now I could tell the scale, were like ones Papa had in his garden, but it seems like his were pink, not orange and yellow. But these are such a beautiful, vivid color.

Anyway, great talking to you tonight. Hope all works out with the car! What would you name this one? -- Mom -- LOVE YA!

Tickle Me Pink said...

Wow this looks beautiful! I bet it's even more lovely in real life. I love the note under your picture about you not having pirate hair in real life, lol! I got a kick out of that ^_~

lizguidry said...

I would be interested in the name as well. Poor Sally and Tony - I bet they feel like they are getting replaced! haha!

Joan said...

Beautiful pictures. Joan