Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring Bazaar!

Lee and I went to a Spring Bazaar today to do a little shopping. We weren't sure what they'd have but I wanted to go anyway, so he was kind enough to indulge me. We've decided to start looking around for some local artwork to hang on our walls since our house is kind of institutional with all the plain white walls...we left a lot of our decorations at home, like all my cross-stitched pieces. At any rate, back to the bazaar.

They had quite a bit of furniture, which was a bit of a surprise to us. Some of it was American furniture, some of it was local stuff, and they had a fairly large selection of Korean antiques and such. There was this one piece that I thought was just the coolest thing, it was about 5 feet tall and painted with bright colors. The front looked like a totally solid piece, but if you pushed on the side of it, the thing swiveled and it had some shelves on the other side. SO COOL! Wish I'd gotten a picture of it. But I did get a picture of this:

Don't you just love it? I love the color and the carving, it's just so cool. Lee says that if I like *that*, then I'm no longer in charge of decorating our house and he's contemplating the need for a psychological evaluation on me. But what's not to love about this? Lee says it looks like it's all beat up and about to be tossed out, I totally disagree. I think this was painted kind of like some ceramics I did when I was a kid, where you put all the paint on and then wipe it off the portions that stick up. Gives it more depth and interest than if the whole thing is painted one flat color. And you know what makes this little piece of furniture even cooler? It's meant to hold all your SHOES!!! I mean come on, it looks that cool and it holds shoes?! Awwwwwwwessssooooomme!! But Lee wouldn't let me get it.

They also had quite a few obis, which is the sash that goes around a kimono. There's an art to how you fold them so you can use them to decorate your house--some hang up on the wall, and some are meant to display on a table. Lee was surprised at how expensive they were, from about $40 on up to $100, but they're silk, so I wasn't too surprised by the price. Some people had jewelry for sale too, but nothing I absolutely had to have.

There were three or four different people selling photographs or paintings of scenes from around the island, which was more in line with what we were looking for. We spent a lot of time at one table and eventually bought this:

It's three closeup pictures of cherry blossoms. (Next year we are so going to that festival! We missed it this spring because all our stuff got here from the US and we spent that weekend unpacking.) The photographer, Nichole Gonzalez, was most helpful and friendly. She had pictures from all around Okinawa and some of the surrounding islands, Kyoto, Vietnam, and Thailand, plus Spain, Rome, and some other places in Europe. There was this gorgeous shot of two white pillars with blue decorations on them from somewhere in Spain...if I'd ever actually been there, I would have bought it. Anyway, Lee mentioned something to Nichole about how I wanted to learn how to take pictures like that and guess what? She teaches photography classes at the local craft store. So after we left the bazaar, we went and signed ourselves up for the next one. I'm so excited!! Now I just need to figure out where to hang up this beauty with the cherry blossoms...we also got two 5x7 photographs from around Shuri Castle but we need to get some frames for them.

And for tomorrow's adventure, we're going to Shuri Castle itself! Better make sure my camera batteries are charged :)


SmilynStef said...

Gorgeous pictures ... love how they are framed.

adifrog said...

I have a cherry blossom stamp that is one of my faves, so I especially like your new pictures!

Your new flowers are really pretty, too. Good luck with the whole not-killing-them thing. :)

Shannan Teubner said...

Are you serious??? He wouldn't let you buy it??? Does he know how much that would cost here??? (like I have any idea how much it cost there)
But seriously!!! That's an amazing piece! Go back and get it!

CCsMom said...

LOVE the cherry blossom pictures! That pink and blue together just is too cool. And the scene around the golf course -- looks like this is really a beautiful time of year in Okinawa. I'll tell you what -- seeing you and Lee on Skype cam, I can tell you are just as happy as can be. I mean, when Lee gets back to his other job, none of his teammates will have had the experience that you have had. I know you will remember this time for years to come -- I'm still thinking about mine 30 years after the fact. It's just the coolest thing. Mom