Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sushi Zen One, Snapdragon Christy Zero

So, the sushi place did *not* have egg sushi, or pork sushi, and precious little non-fish sushi. I did TRY some sushi, I tried a California roll. The first bite seemed kind of okay, but I was hard-pressed to keep from spitting out the second one. Mostly it tasted of rice and soy sauce, which was fine, but the texture of the stuff in the middle was just.....eeewwww. Squishy. In an unpleasant fashion! I also had a salad and the ginger dressing they have here is fabulous, but I didn't finish the salad because I just wasn't spectacularly hungry in the first place. Good thing I wasn't too hungry or we might have had to stop by some cheap American restaurant to get me some food.

Lee ate the rest of the California roll and he ordered two other types, one that had shrimp and one that had tuna maybe? I forget. He swapped some pieces with the couple that took us to the restaurant, and he said his favorite is the plain sushi that's not rolled up. He had some that was just rice, a teeny bit of wasabi slathered on top, and then a piece of either salmon or tuna on top--he really liked that. So he was more successful with the sushi thing than I was, maybe I just can't get over the fact that it's raw fish.

The restaurant was pretty neat though. They had some Japanese-style tables, which means they come up to about mid-shin height and you sit cross-legged on a woven mat. The table we had was more what you'd think of as a normal height, but it was set into a hole in the floor so that it came up to the same height as the Japanese table. What you had to do was sit down on the mat and then wriggle around to get your legs under the table so you could sit like you were in a chair, but of course there was no chair back to lean against. And when you wanted to get up to leave, you had to kind of squirm around to get your legs out from under the table first. There's just no graceful way to get up from there I think... anyway, maybe we'll go back and try it again, I'll try the stuff that Lee liked so well. If I don't like it after that, then I shall return gratefully to my seafood-hating diet.

I think you guys are so funny who commented that you'd be freaking out about the gecko. It's just an occupational hazard of living here, and really, they're pretty cheerful looking little things and they eat bugs. They can eat all the bugs they want, that will make me perfectly happy since then the bugs won't be around to bug me. And the geckos don't bite people. Once you get over the freaky-looking eyes, they're good neighbors :) If you look at the enlarged version of the picture I took, it comes out *much* larger than life-sized. He was about four inches long for his body, and his tail was maybe another two inches. Not exactly some city-devouring monster lizard.


Crafty Math Chick said...

Hi Christy,

You are not alone, I am not a sushi fan either. I HAVE tried that "egg sushi" before, I didn't even know it was sushi! It tastes like a sweet noodle, at least it did at the Japanese restaraunt I used to visit on occasion in college. You are brave for trying it.

I am not creeped out by geckos, I think they are kinda cute, and I am all for anything that will control bugs! I don't think I want any in my bed though, just my hubby. :)

Hope you have a great weekend!


CCsMom said...

I can visualize your face as you were biting into that sushi! -- Mom P.S. Hey, I NEVER DID try any while we were over there!

Lynda Moss said...

Hi Christy,

I have been looking through your blog and have been relating to so much of it. We moved to Tasmania from the UK two years ago and despite the culture difference not being quite as huge as yours and there is no language barrier it is all so different and so far from home. (actually about 50% of the people round here are Japanese students so perhaps the culture difference isn't that different from yours although I don't think I have ever seen anyone wearing a kimono here - yet!)

It has been a fun and exciting venture although a little daunting and quite scary at times!

Your cards are fab, I shall bookmark this blog now and keep track of life in Japan and your creations!

Lynda x

Lynda Moss said...

Meant to say I am also a hater of seafood which is a huge thing here too, it is very seafoody and sushi is huge. I can just about manage white fish if it is square and battered (preferably saying Birdseye Fish Fingers on the pack) but anything else is sinister - blurrrr

Chicken Sushi is kind of OK but like you, the first mouthful or so is OK but after that I keep thinking I am eating seaweed and start to gag!