Wednesday, April 16, 2008

That's GECKO, Not Geico

So, it took me a while to go to bed after Lee pointed out the gecko last night. Not because I was scared of it or anything, it just took time to blog about :) So I finally decided to go get ready for bed and went to take my contacts out in the master bathroom. I was just putting the lids on the contact case when I noticed the gecko was on the shower curtain just six inches away from me. Since he was so close, I took the opportunity to study him pretty closely and he didn't move a muscle for the whole time I was watching him.

He has amazingly teeny-tiny claws on each toe, I suppose just enough to help him climb all over walls and shower curtains with alacrity. Also, geckos will sometimes detach their tails if they get scared; they run off while whatever scared them is distracted by the tail they left behind (strange, but true). I could see the "seam" where it would detach if I scared him. I've heard that sometimes their tails don't come all the way off, but a new one grows in anyway, so occasionally you'll see a two-tailed gecko. I haven't seen one like that yet, actually I haven't seen a whole lot of geckos so far but maybe that's because we got here in winter.

When I started looking at him, his eyes were totally black, like mouse eyes. I turned on the overhead light to get a really good look and all of a sudden his eyes were slit-pupiled like a lizard or snake's. I don't know if it was an eyelid or iris or what, but it made him look kind of freaky all of a sudden and he quit being so cute. Maybe it's just an atavistic mammalian reaction to reptiles. When I took the picture of him earlier, he was up near the ceiling and I couldn't see the freaky lizard eyes then. At any rate, I decided to just leave him alone so I turned off the light, closed the door (not like that was going to hamper his movements any, I'm sure he could go anywhere he wanted to) and went to bed.

He's a pretty brave lizard for running around this house with two big dogs who would, I am sure, just *love* to have him for a plaything. Too bad he likely wouldn't survive that experience...but so far they haven't seen him.


Shannan Teubner said...


Kisa Peters said...

I'd be freeking out! I'm pretty sure I would have screamed so loud that the Gecko would have ripped its tail off and smacked me in the face with it! : )

CCsMom said...

Awww, but they're CUTE actually. After living with them for 3 years, I was glad when we moved to Texas and discovered them here. I saw one when I took Ginger out to the backyard just this evening. Our Texas geckos don't chirp, though. I imagine if they did, it would be with a Texas twang! Maybe Buddy's eyes were more Japanese . . . ! Love ya -- Mom (And yes, I am on my way to bed right now.) Have a great Thursday, kiddo!

CCsMom said...

Oh, I looked at the picture of Buddy again and you can see the slits on his eyes in that picture! Very interesting.