Monday, May 26, 2008

3 km Through the Jungle

Ok, here's another shot of the waterfall but horizontal this time. Lee really did take some good pictures, didn't he? Sorry Liz, you won't get to see any of me on this post! I was in far too much need of a good long shower to want to plaster pictures of myself on here!

This next one is what I call the Crouching Tiger picture, doesn't this look like some of the scenery from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon? Just beautiful! But mostly no air conditioning....I had just said something to Lee about that on our way back out, and we came to the top of a stairway and got this wonderful breeze right there. We had to stand there for a few minutes and just enjoy it, and as soon as we walked down three steps it was gone!

We passed this tree when we were almost back to the entrance. Look at the bigger picture, this tree almost has giraffe spots :)

And here's a little babbling brook because brooks always babble. This was back towards the first little entrance area from the first picture I posted in the "Uphill BOTH Ways!" post.

We saw TONS of butterflies at this area. Actually I don't know if they were butterflies or moths, but they were almost as big as my hand and mostly black. Some had a white stripe marking, some had turquoise markings, and I think one or two had some red spots, but for the most part they were black. Lee was determined to get some pictures of them, I think he did fairly well here:

We passed quite a few Japanese people on our hike, and almost every single one of them would say "konichiwa" (hi/good afternoon) as they passed. Very polite. Seems like most Americans will kind of scooch over to give you room to pass but they rarely say something to you. Just an observation.

When we got back to the tour bus, we found out that some of the other hikers had seen a snake out there although we didn't. They have signs all over with pictures of two types of snakes on them, but since they were printed in Japanese I'll just have to guess that they say "Don't play with snakes!" The man who ran the entrance booth said that the two types seen most often were nonpoisonous, but you still have to watch out for habu snakes, which are poisonous. They actually make a type of sake with habu snake venom, I've seen it for sale--the glass bottle has the actual snake in the bottom of it. Shudder! And you have to pay about $200 for it...I think I'll pass.


Crafty Math Chick said...

REALLY nice pictures Christy - thank you for sharing them with us! LOVE the butterflies (especially the teal looking ones! Lee did a good job, butterflies can be difficult to capture!)

Hope you are enjoying Memorial Day!


llevans said...

Hi Christy, beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing your adventures! Laura

Allison said...

I am jealous! Your adventures are better than mine! "Open Season" starts Monday.....wish you were here to share it with us.

mel4christ said...

OMG your pictures are so beautiful. Those butterflies are amazing.

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