Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Because I Can Can Can!

Last night I decided I was bored with my current stitching project and I wanted to start something new. I brought this great Moulin Rouge stitchery kit with me to Okinawa (click on the link to see a picture of it) so that's what I decided on. Unfortunately the kit comes with 14-count ecru fabric and I much prefer 16-count antique white; the ecru is too yellow and you get better color coverage with 16-count in my opinion, and I have been doing this for twenty years which still boggles my mind. I have enough practice to be picky about what I want to do, heh.

Anyway, I looked through my fabric and the only antique white piece I had that was big enough was one where I had started a different project and then abandoned it. I don't usually do that, but it was this Thomas Kinkade piece and I don't particularly care for his work anyway, but it was going to be for someone else who DOES like his work. THAT dumb pattern didn't match its color key and I couldn't get a response when I tried to call or email the company to ask about it, so I decided to burn the stupid pattern and find something else to do. So anyway, I spent four HOURS last night picking out stitches so I could use this piece of fabric. This morning, I got up, looked in one bag, and found a brand new large piece of antique white fabric...so I spent that four hours picking out stitching for nothing!!! Arrrrgh!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the plus side, I did finally get to start my cancan dancer tonight while Lee and I watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I'm always excited to have new projects.

My side project for today was fomenting a little mini Lovely Lilac rebellion on Splitcoast--Lovely Lilac is the only SU color to have never been featured on the weekly color challenge. So I've kind of been agitating that thread a little bit on and off today because what can I say? I'm an instigator. And I like to champion the colors no one else seems to like--Glorious Green, Orchid Opulence, whatever. Anyway, all my hard work has paid off, as this week's color challenge is Lovely Lilac, Pretty in Pink and Certainly Celery. Too bad it is now 11:00 at night here so I'll have to do this challenge tomorrow after I go abuse myself at the gym doing kickboxing.

I think it's hilarious the comments I get about my Princess Bride quotes--I have that same R.O.U.S. quote from the previous post as my signature line on Splitcoast. I practically know that movie verbatim so my mom won't watch it with me because I can't help but mouth along to all the lines and according to her that's a supremely annoying habit. :) Anyway, when we got on the plane from DFW to go to Seattle and then to Okinawa, the last thing my dad said to us in person was "Have fun storming the castle!"

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lizguidry said...

Sorry you wasted your time pulling out thread for no reason...stuff like that always happens to me! Arg!

I always love seeing the creative titles you come up with. :)

Miss you!