Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bella, Bella!

So here's what I was working on today. This week's color challenge is Soft Sky, Blue Bayou, and Certainly Celery, and I just love this little flower pot stamp from Stamping Bella so it was time to use it on something.

I love the "merci buckets" sentiment, although in my French classes we always said "murky buckets" instead. I took French for probably 7 or 8 years, from middle school to college, so I was fairly decent at it by the time I finished school. I could have had a minor in it but I was too lazy to take advanced French grammar :) My favorite language-related story is when I was in high school, my friend Chris tried to say "holy cow" in French and ended up with "sacre vache" and my French teacher almost had a heart attack. No matter what the cartoons tell you, "sacrebleu" is exceedingly impolite, and "vache" (cow) is like the French equivalent for what we call female dogs. Still, it was funny to see the teacher's face go all purple.

And here's my Bella card for this week, since I've been quite diligent about going to the gym regularly since I got my own set of wheels. I have not a clue who I'd send this card to but just in case I need a workout encouragement card (?) I have one! You can find this and lots of other cute Bella stamps at Stamping Bella.

And here's the cancan dancer now. I've finished the section I was working on so it's time to scooch over to a new section. As Lee says, "So, you've finished her butt." Big fat WHATEVER, dude!

We went to see Iron Man tonight. Halfway through the movie, Lee leans over and says, "I am *so* buying this on DVD!" so you know it was good. It actually made him laugh out loud more than once and rare is the movie that can do that. We like superhero movies in our house. I just wish the third X-Men movie had been as good as this one was...speaking of superheroes, I pre-ordered the TV series Birds of Prey on DVD. It was a short-lived series about the daughter of Batman and Catwoman, I *loved* that show so I'm so excited that it's coming out on DVD later this summer. I also bought The Lion in Winter (does it get any better than Katharine Hepburn? Well, ok, so Audrey Hepburn is actually my favorite, but the Great Kate is pretty darned fabulous too), Ever After (the one with Drew Barrymore) and Jewel of the Nile. When Lee finds out (hi honey!) I'll just have to remind him "But honey, they were only $7.50 apiece!"


CCsMom said...

Oh, I LOVE the cards. That little flower pot is too cute! And of course, in my "younger" days, that card with the Bella would have been right up my alley. (Yes, I need to start doing SOMETHING in the realm of exercise!) Watched the season finale of "Bones" last night -- have the programs leading up to the finale recorded but haven't watched them yet. You would've liked this one -- won't spoil it for you so you can see them once they come out on DVD. It was good, though. Anyway, it's awfully warm in this office today -- yesterday we hit a record 99 degrees, but today it is to be somewhat cooler at 94 . . . summer is here in Texas.

Love ya, kiddo! -- Mom

Amber said...

OMG Christy, Ever After is my most favoritest movie ever! I think I have to watch that this weekend now...;)
Thanks again for the ATC book, I really appreciate that! Sure wish they still sold them!
Glad to hear the movie was good, we're gonna try to see it this weekend!
Cute cards too girl, love the dumb-bell bella!

nancy morgan said...

great cards & awesome stories...thanks for sharing both : ) !! I know lots of people who could use that work out encouragment card, including me. The older I get the harder it is to drag my lazy self to the gym. After seeing your card, I'm feeling more inspired to do so!!!

Joan said...

Wonderful projects. I like the card for the colour challenge...very nice. I haven't been here for a while so I had to scroll down to see what the cancan dancer was all about.....awesome picture. I used to cross stitch obsessively....now I can't feel the needle in my hand....you're doing beautiful work. Joan