Monday, May 19, 2008

Big Dogs, Little Dogs...

Some as big as mountains! :)

Both of my dogs are about 60 to 65 pounds, I don't really think they're particularly *large* dogs. Of course, compared to the Yorkies that live next door to us, they are. We have a gap between the fence post and the building that's about four inches wide, and both of the Yorkies from next door have discovered they can squeeze through it and come check out what my kids are up to. On Saturday, I had opened up the back door for Sadie and Vader since it was so nice out, and just left it open so they could go in and out as they chose. A while later I felt something small and furry scamper over my foot and it was Yuri, the little girl Yorkie. She'd come through the gap in the fence and right on into the house! I don't mind them visiting us, I think both of the teeny-weeny dogs are kind of sweet. My kids just seem kind of astonished that a dog could be that SMALL.

On the other side of the spectrum you have Newfoundlands. Lee and I went to dinner at his soon-to-be former boss's house on Sunday (they're moving back to the States soon) and we got to meet the two biggest dogs I have *ever* seen. If you crossed Sadie and Vader with the Incredible Hulk and gave them some sedatives so they didn't act all nutso whenever someone new came to the house, you'd have these two. I was told these dogs weighed about 130 pounds EACH...I wish I'd gotten a picture of them. Enormous black dogs with tons of hair, I don't know how they survived the swelteringly humid summers here. They were so well-behaved too, there were at least a dozen new people in the house and they just stayed in a little room off to the side and didn't bother anyone.

Not to go all Goldilocks, but I'm happy with the size that my kids are. Big enough that you can roughhouse with them a bit, small enough that if you have to do something like wrestle them into a kennel to go on a really long plane ride, it's not too bad a hassle. They're just right... ;)

It's been really quiet over here lately, I know. Lee's been studying a lot for an online course he's taking for his job, so we haven't gotten out to do much lately. I need to start studying the manual for our brand spankin' new DSLR camera that got here last Thursday so when we go to Hiji Falls and the glass factory and all that later this month I can post some screamingly awesome pics on here. Lee knows a lot more about it than I do right now, he kind of goes overboard with researching everything he can find on electronics once he decides he's going to make a major purchase. At least he's a well-informed buyer then, so I suppose that's ok. Usually I leave the big purchases up to him and I buy the little stuff, like tons of DVDs, hehe. I can't help it, they're having a DVD sale on Amazon!


CCsMom said...

OK, can't wait to see some photos you get with this new toy.

By the way, we watched the DVD I bought because it won an Oscar -- "There Will Be Blood". One of the WORST movies I've ever seen -- that portrays the very worst of humanity. That's going to take awhile to wash out of my brain. Not keeping that DVD either. Must research these movies more before I just purchase willy nilly, that's for sure. Have a great week, kiddo! Love ya -- Mom

adifrog said...

Your Yorkie story reminds me of the cats that would get into our house on base. One crawled in the corner of the guest room and under the bed. I had to move furniture to scare it away! I guess I don't have much room to talk though: when Cleo was a little pup, she would instantly bolt for the duplex neighbor's door when we'd go outside to chat. She knew where the cats were! ;)