Saturday, May 24, 2008

Freckled Flowers & Puppy Dogs

So I finally started playing with our new camera today. The pictures in this post are just the raw images that I took today, I haven't edited them or anything, just messing with the camera a bit. I got these cool yellow orchids (I think they're orchids?) at a dinner that Lee and I went to last week, they were part of the centerpiece and I got to take them home. I had to sumo wrestle three other people but I WON the orchids...ok, just kidding about the sumo wrestling bit, I just grabbed 'em and ran :)

I love that these flowers have freckles. I've never seen yellow orchids before...this plant is much smaller than the purple orchids Lee gave me a while back, it has just the six blooms on it. The orchid stems are taped to a support to help shape them; I saw some at the Make Man store that were just straight up and down but usually they're trained into a big arch. We went to the Make Man store yesterday and got some pots to replant these, I wish I'd taken the camera with me then. They have the purple orchids and some lighter purple ones, some peach ones with raspberry-colored veining on the leaves, cream-colored ones, and a few huge pots of the most beautiful WHITE orchids. Those ones probably had at least a dozen blooms going down each arch, I'd love to have one of those. Maybe one of these days if I manage not to kill the two plants I have now...but the white ones were about $80 apiece and they had one that was closer to $200. That plant was truly magnificent.

Here's a little close-up of one of the flowers on the left side of the plant. Lee says these pictures are a tad over-exposed, but it was full sunlight outside when I was taking pictures. I'll try it again when it's a more overcast and see how that affects the color of the pictures. I just took the plant out to our front yard so I'd have a green background behind the flowers.

After I came inside, I started taking a few pictures of the kiddos...well, they're the only independently mobile subjects I have a great deal of the time, so don't be surprised if I take a lot of dog pictures n'k? Here's my little Vader Man.

He's a better subject than Sadie, usually I can get Vader to be still long enough for me to take his picture. I think Sadie's just a punk and she somehow *knows* what she shouldn't do when you're trying to take her picture, so of course then she does it. I think that girl dogs are just more independent and punkier than boy dogs...Chewie was every bit as sweet as Vader, while Sadie's kind of sassy. No, she's really sassy. Don't let the big puppy dog eyes fool you.

This is Sadie saying "Ok, FINE, take my picture then." Yes, she's adorably cute, but she has an Attitude. :p I took both of these pictures in the entry way to our little typhoon shelter here. Don't look too closely at the dog hair on the floor...I vacuum twice a week but they keep shedding at a phenomenal rate. If I could figure out how to weave dog hair sweaters I could make a fortune on the Internet selling them to chichi boutiques, what do you think? Sadie's hair is definitely softer than wool, it's more like cat hair than dog hair. We call her Fluffy Butt, lol!

Tomorrow we're going to Okuma and Hiji Falls, so I'll have *lots* more pictures to share then. Probably those pics will be more interesting to you than pictures of my two dogs, hehe. I'll try to put those pictures up as soon as we get back tomorrow; we're supposed to be gone from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. so it will be a full day.


Allison said...

Loved the freckled flowers! They are indeed orchids.....and they
like warm, moist,humid environment I think. I thought your pics were great! I am becoming a 50 year old bloggin fool!

lizguidry said...

I would love to see you do a card inspired by that flower. It is just beautiful. Can't wait to see your masterpiece...

CCsMom said...

Woo hoo! I know you are going to have SO MANY PICTURES when you come home. Super. We got our camera closer to the end of our tour, so most of our pix from the beginning are from a little "instamatic" camera. They printed up square and you couldn't crop of adjust them. Technology certainly has come a long way since then!!! Love ya!!! - Mom