Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hi, I'm Bravely!

I'm so excited! I got this too-cute-for-words card in the mail today as a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) from DawnL on Splitcoast:

Is that not the cutest thing EVER?! Yes, it totally is! I had commented on the card when Dawn posted it on Splitcoast for last week's sketch challenge so she sent it to me. Lucky me!!! There's a story to go with this card...when I was little, like, under the age of seven little, I had a stuffed lion that talked when you squeezed him. (When I was really little, I used to stomp on him to make him talk!) He said "Hi, I'm Bravely!" and "It's a jungle out there!" and he did this adorable growl and then said "Did I scare you?" That was my absolute favorite toy in the whole wide world, I carried him with me everywhere. You know when kids are little and the parents are supposed to teach them a secret code word so if a stranger tries to pick them up, the kid asks for the code word? Well, our family's code word was Bravely (I'm pretty sure the statute of limitations has run out on that one by now considering I'm 28 and living on the other side of the world from my parents!) I loved that lion so much, I rubbed half the hair off him and you never saw a sadder kid than I was when Mom had to wash him and I had to wait for a couple of hours for him to get cleaned up. I also wore out the voice box so he kind of slurred and said things funny, or as my dad says, he "started speaking Russian".

Then tragedy struck!!! (Overly dramatic, moi? Nah!) We moved from California to Texas when I was seven, and somehow Bravely got lost along the way. Can't you just imagine this devastated lion-less seven-year-old crying her eyes out? Yeah, that was me. My parents think maybe he accidentally got left at a gas station or something when we stopped on the cross-country drive. So if you ever found a really beat-up looking stuffed lion in a gas station, email me, I want him back! I consoled myself by thinking that, like the Velveteen Rabbit, I had *surely* loved Bravely enough for him to become Real. And you know the MGM thing they put at the beginning of movies with the lion roaring? THAT's Bravely in his new job. No, really, it IS.

So anyway, I am just tickled beyond measure to have this card, even if, as Dawn wrote on the inside of the card, he's a tiger instead of a lion. The sentiment is there! So I'm going to mail Dawn this card I made today:

It's prettier in real life, the colors are off in this picture. This was for Sunday's Featured Stamper challenge, I pretty much copied this card except I changed the sentiment and color combination. So this will be going in the mail to Dawn as soon as I get my hands on some 42-cent stamps. I wonder what the post office would do if I used a 41-cent stamp and taped a penny to the envelope?


SgtStamper said...

What a cute story - I will think of Bravery now as well every time I see that lion at the beginning of a movie!! I still have a few of my childhood "friends" (and I'm 36 now) - DH keeps wanting to toss them to Goodwill... men just don't "get it" sometimes! Thanks for sharing your story :)

CCsMom said...

Kik, I am sure your post office has $.01 cent stamps!!! They do prepare for the inevitable price increase and know that people will still have stamps left over from before . . . Anyway, I paid just shy of $45 to fill up Blue Moon last night -- $45 for my VW BUG!!! Can you believe that? It is just gross. And I think the price went up yet another $.10 a gallon this morning. Man alive, I can't believe it. So you have a great day today. I must confess I have from time to time put in "Bravely" on eBay, but nothing has come up yet . . . Hee Hee! Love you -- Mom

Joan said...

You did a FANTASTIC job on the sketch challenge with the tiger. The card is awesome. Joan

Dawn said...
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Dawn said...

Christy, I'm so glad to have mailed YOU the card!! Loved reading your full story and glad your mom got a chuckle out of the card too! *wink*

and THANK YOU for this lovely butterfly too!!!

Anonymous said...

I totally had a Bravely too!! He was the best!!