Sunday, May 11, 2008

Just One More Row....

I used to say that a lot around bedtime. "Just one more row, I'm almost done." So here's my latest stitching project, it's coming along pretty fast.

And here's what it will look like when I'm done with it:

I'd say I have a pretty good start on it, considering I made the first stitch on Tuesday. But now you know why I haven't been doing quite as much stamping lately, I'm having new project rhapsodies. I'm always excited about new projects :) I usually stitch while I'm watching--or, more accurately, listening to--movies. Lee and I are still working our way through all our animated Disney movies, we've got about a dozen more to go. I had to watch Cinderella and Dumbo without him, he's not a fan of either. Wonder if he'll watch Sleeping Beauty with me?

Not much else going on here lately, hence the lack of posts in blogland. We've just had a relaxing low-key weekend at the old homestead :) There was a slight possibility we'd get our first typhoon next week, but I think the storm has veered off out in the middle of the Pacific so we won't get hit with one after all. For some odd reason, both Lee and I are excited about the prospect of our first typhoon, are we crazy? Perhaps. I think we just want to be able to say we've been through one. I'm sure we'll get our chance sooner or later...

Ok, so one kind of exciting thing has happened--we've bought a new camera. We're just waiting for it to get shipped to us so we can start taking instantly fabulous pictures with it :) We got a Nikon D80 and a bunch of accessories, including a really nice lens. Don't know *which* lens since Lee did all the research about that; I'm more interested in learning how to take great pictures than I am researching all the different types of cameras on the market. Once the camera gets here, we're going to drive up to the north end of the island and slowly work our way back down the East China Sea coast, taking pictures wherever it seems like a good idea to do so. Hopefully we'll get some great shots of the turquoise water here. We're also going to do a few more tours at the end of the month, to Hiji Falls and the Battle of Okinawa museum, so hopefully we'll have enough time to figure out how to work the camera before we do that.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there!

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CCsMom said...

Wow, you are coming right along on that project! I just hung up my 4 seasons pictures this morning before taking Dad to the airport to fly to Corpus Christi. He checked with American while he was at the airport and he has racked up enough frequent flier miles to PAY for his ticket to Okinawa!!! How cool is that?!!!

Adam and Adrienne's camera looks really nice. They took it to Scarborough Fair on Saturday and got some stop-action photos of the falcons in flight. Adam is REALLY excited about their camera. They all dressed up to go to the event.

Had a really nice Mother's Day. I'm going to clean off my table since I've moved it to enable me to paint the other side of the dining room -- and I'm going to put my new table linens out. Oh, Adam and Adrienne have their Shi-Shi dogs up on their mantle to guard their new house! Cool!

It's Monday and I've got to get with it. Love ya, Kiddo! -- Mom