Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Naked Morning Glories

I won the little protest on Splitcoast and Lovely Lilac has now been featured in its very own color challenge. Took me a while to make a card for it, but here's my inspiration:

When I take my dogs for walks, we pass quite a few areas where the vegetation has never been cleared off and there are a lot of morning glories. At least they look like morning glories to me, but they seem to bloom all day long. So with that flower in mind, here's what I made for the color challenge:

All supplies by Stampin' Up! Purple is my favorite color and I can't for the life of me figure out why Lovely Lilac was left out of the color challenges for so long. The main image is just a piece of a slightly larger stamped image, but I kind of like cutting out pieces of some of the gigantic flower stamps. I watercolored it with squished ink pad lids, took a while but I'm happy with how it came out.

So by now you may be wondering where the "Naked" part of my post title comes in. Well, here it is:

Click on the picture to see a bigger version, and then check out the model name--the Daihatsu NAKED!! They have some really goofy car names here, and they're all written on the back of the cars in English which is nice for me, I get a good laugh out of some of them. There's the Honda Life (when we were shopping for cars, Lee and I kept telling each other to "Get a Life!" because we're easily amused...they're expensive tiny little box cars), a That's (yes that's the name of it, also a tiny little box car), the Emina which is a minivan...well hey, even the FunCargo is kind of an odd name. But the Naked takes the cake!!


Glenda said...

Congrats on your SCS victory! You make Lovely Lilac look fantastic - so I will leave the use of Lovely Lilac to the experts (aka you). I don't think I actually have any lilac cardstock so that leaves me out of the challenge anyways. Next time you'd like to try out eggplant, use it with wasabi and saffron. I think it is a previous colour challenge.
Have a great day.
Glenda J on SCS

CCsMom said...

How purdy! LOVE the colors. They seem so spring-time. I really liked my Mudder's Day card, too! And yes, good choice on the table linens. I have put the magnet up on the fridge, but Dad has liked it naked so it looks more like a grown-up's fridge, but I think he'll let me keep the magnet up there since it says "Okinawa" on it! Love ya, love ya!!! -- Mom

Chrissy D said...

This is so beautiful! Love the colors and how you put them all together! TFS!

Kisa Peters said...

Great card! LOVE the Naked car!

CCsMom said...

Was just checking on your blog today to see if there was anything new and noticed that the flower at the top of this post looks like it has a pearl in the center of it. Interesting! Hope you are having a great day. Love you to pieces!!! Mom -- PS, I'm making progress in the diningroom, so I should be able to put out my beautiful Mother's Day oriental table linens shortly. Can't wait!

adifrog said...

Thanks for the guard dogs! Speaking of...Cleo was sniffing the box and newspaper like crazy. I think she smelled her cousins! :)

Your bro said...

Hey dude, glad to see you're having fun. I talked to dad who said that Lee was looking at an expensive camera. Well, I was researching military benefits and found that has a “Mall” that includes Ritz Camera. They give 10% to military, off of everything – even sale prices and all that jazz. Free shipping and no tax means it’s a better deal than the BX. Actually (don’t tell) I got Adrienne a camera package so that we can catalog the new house. She gets it tomorrow. They have some really high end cameras so I’m sure the one Lee is looking at is on there – I just want to make sure you guys get the 10% off!


Jean said...

Thanks for getting us the Lilac on there, your card is gorgeous!