Saturday, May 24, 2008

Okinawa Skies

Lee and I went to dinner tonight at Jack's Place, and the sun was just starting to set when we left to go back home. Lee ran in the house just long enough to grab the new fancy-schmancy camera and we drove up the hill to a field. Well, we call it a field, it's just a big open area that I pass on my walks with the dogs and it has a pretty good view towards the west. We passed the camera back and forth and just fiddled with it, just experimenting to see what would be a good shot. So here's four of the best, starting with one I took of Lee just because he's so darned cute :)

Aren't these clouds beautiful? The fenced-in area is just a bit of land that has never been cleared off and still has all the native vegetation on it. Some of these areas aren't fenced in and that's where I took the pictures of the morning glories; I try not to get too close to these places since we hear so many warnings about the habu snakes.

Here's one Lee took over the rooftops out towards the East China Sea.

You can see our little dark green car in this one :) I just loved the blue of the sky here!

We took about thirty shots in 15 minutes, and these were the best of the group. Not too bad for a couple of amateurs, huh?


lizguidry said...

Lee is cute and all, but I want to see a few more pictures with YOU in them! Tell Lee to take some pics with that awesome camera.

CCsMom said...

See, didn't I tell you there were beautiful sunsets there? Wow! Loved the pictures!!! - Mom

Eva Bonilla said...

Christy, so glad you are enjoying your adventure. Can hardly wait for your parents to be there. You and I are very blessed that we have your Mom as an Amiga!

Abrazos (hugs),