Monday, May 26, 2008


After we finished hiking up to Hiji Falls, the tour bus took us over to Okuma Resort for lunch. We finished at the restaurant with about an hour and a half left before the tour bus was set to leave, so we thought we'd walk around and try to find the pools we saw on the way in. Either we were both hallucinating the same thing, or else the pools were on the Japanese side of the resort because we never found them! By then we were too short on time to bother changing into swimsuits for a dip in the ocean. I'm not much of an ocean swimmer anyway, 'specially with all the commercials on the radio warning you about box jellyfish. We'll have to come back sometime and rent some jet skis though, that looked like fun. Lee didn't take a whole lot of pictures there, but here's one for your viewing pleasure:

Next weekend we're going to do the "Tour of the North" which goes to the pineapple wine factory and the Ryukyu glass factory. Hopefully we'll have some awesome pictures from that to show you then, and this time I'll have the opportunity to do some shopping! ;)


CCsMom said...

Aren't the colors just breathtaking? Amazing. And the water is so clear. You must've thought the trek was worth it, though. Wow.

Hope you had a great holiday weekend. Ours is just now winding to a close -- never LONG ENOUGH, though, are they?

Love ya!!! -- Mom

Anonymous said...

Hey there!
It sure seems that the Okinawa where you are is much more beautiful than the one I remember!
Keep up the good work!
Uncle Russ