Thursday, May 1, 2008

There's Always Room for Jell-O

So I haven't exactly been taking the island by storm since I achieved vehicular emancipation (yes, I like to play with words). I wasn't feeling very well for about three days so I haven't done much of anything...well, I have gone to the gym a few times (yay for me!) and to the post office once, but that's just about it. Oh, I had lunch with Lee and we looked at antique Chinese furniture too. That was pretty cool, they had some really neat pieces. Of course, I have a talent for picking out the ones that would absolutely clash with everything we own...they had a lot of furniture that was brightly painted with floral patterns and such, and that appeals to me but Lee hates it. Maybe I'll be able to get a leetle piece to have in my craft room, I like bright cheerful things in there. Too bad I can't fit anymore furniture in that room...

Anyway, to get to the title of my post, I stayed up late tonight just to make orange Jell-O so we could have it at dinner tomorrow. Doesn't sound real special, does it? Well, take a look at this recipe that I got from my mom (hi Mom!):

Orange Jell-O

6-ounce box of orange Jell-O (the larger box)
2 1/2 cups water, divided
2 cups (1 pint) orange sherbet
15-ounce can mandarin oranges, drained
1 bag miniature marshmallows

Bring 1 1/2 cups water to a boil and dissolve the orange Jell-O in it; remove from heat. Stir in 1 cup cold water and allow to cool for a few minutes.

Mix in the orange sherbet one tablespoon at a time, using a fork (don't use an electric mixer or it will foam. Not sure why that's bad, but the original recipe made it sound like it was, so let's just go with foam=bad). Pour into a serving bowl.

Add mandarin oranges (they kind of float so it doesn't do much good to stir them in). Pour miniature marshmallows over the top. You'll have extra marshmallows left over; you can make the marshmallow layer as thick or thin as you like. I like my marshmallows so I use a lot, and I squish 'em into the orange Jell-O just a little bit so that they all stick together once it's set. Refrigerate overnight.

My mom usually serves this as a side dish, especially with lasagna. My whole family *loves* this recipe, and really it's not that bad for you. You can get sugar-free Jell-O, the marshmallows are naturally fat-free if you believe the packaging, and I think you can find sugar- and/or fat-free orange sherbet pretty easily too. And the oranges are good for you, get your vitamin C. So see, it's a yummy recipe that's not too unhealthy and it's sweet enough even for me, the sugar-holic. Lee likes this in lieu of dessert, so it works for that too. So if you try this one, let me know how you like it! But if you don't like it, then keep that to yourself :)

See, isn't it pretty? Ok, so it would be prettier if I'd made this in a nice serving bowl instead of a plain old mixing bowl, but that's what I had on hand. And if you use a wide flat bowl, you can get even more marshmallows on top. Hmm...

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CCsMom said...

Yum, sounds good. Going to make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies on Saturday for the move on Sunday. That sounds yummy, too -- I still have a TON of chips in the cupboard. Hmmm, wonder where those came from?!!! Hope you are feeling much better. My bet is it's allergies. Love ya and have a great day! -- Mom