Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cape Zampa

Today Lee and I decided to go out to Cape Zampa, which is I think what my parents call Bolo Point. We took the "good" camera with us and we totally lucked out--it was a *great* day to take pictures up there. We went around noon, but there was enough cloud cover that it was fairly cool (although still very humid) and we got some fabulous pictures of the clouds and such. So here are a few of the best ones, we took about 90 while we were there today :)

We got up to the Zampa area and found a place to park, and then just got out of the car and started walking around. We started on the beach a little bit down from the lighthouse, and here's a picture of the little path we went down.

The Cape Zampa lighthouse. It really isn't all that tall, but it's got a *great* view of the surrounding coastline. Well, is it surrounding coastline if the lighthouse is out on a little finger of land? Anyway, you can see in this picture that there's not a sandy beach here, it's all weathered limestone. We went climbing all over it and I figured out very quickly that I should have been wearing tennis shoes rather than sandals. Oh well, live and learn--we didn't really have any idea what it would be like when we got there.

Don't worry Mom, we stayed at least 3 inches from the edge at all times :) For reals, Lee is a lot further from the edge than it looks like in this picture, I just got a fun angle on it. Now if we'd just had a third person with us to pretend to push him over the edge...well, it would have made a funny picture. (Really Mom, relax. We were totally careful.)

Lee took most of the pictures today and was positively giddy when he downloaded them onto the computer, he was so tickled with how they turned out. You can see the clouds over to the left; it was raining heavily just a bit north of us, but was just overcast where we were. The clouds were fabulous though, when you're taking pictures at midday you want some cloud cover to keep from having harsh shadows all over the place. Plus they just look cool. This one (above) was taken from the ground.

And here's the coastline as seen from the top of the lighthouse. It only costs 200 yen per person to climb up to the top, so about two dollars. As I said before, it's not a very big lighthouse; the observation deck on it is pretty tiny but DUDE! The view was fabulous! Nice breeze, too.

We met a cute little Japanese girl on the top of the lighthouse and she agreed to take our picture for us, and then we returned the favor and took her picture with her camera. Turns out she had the exact same camera that we do :) And this is the picture she took of us. Aren't the colors fantastic?! We are *so* glad we bought this camera!!

I just had to get Lee to take a picture of this as we left, it's a sticker that was on a light pole or something on our way back to the car. It seems like almost everything in Japan has its own cartoon character...I've seen "men working" signs on the road and they all have smiling cartoon characters on them. There's a billboard that has a smiling pickle wearing a seatbelt right when you go on a bridge into Nago, which I find funny.

So there you have it, Cape Zampa. This is just a little smattering of the pictures that we took, but enough to get the idea. This is only about 30-45 minutes away from where we live, aren't we lucky?

I was wearing sandals while we were out, and now I have some really funny tan lines on my feet. Anyone remember the Jell-O 1-2-3 stuff? Or else maybe candy toes are white up to about halfway up my feet, and then it gets a little darker, and then there's my regular sock line and my legs are a little bit tan. Not a lot tan, but I've started to pick up some color just from walking the dogs every day--first time I've had tan lines in *years* but I'm still pretty pale. And now my feet look funny!


Lee said...

For anyone who is wanting hints on photo taking...these were taken with Nikor 18-200mm lens and a circular polarized filter. Apeture mode, F9-11.

Amber said...

Awesome pictures guys! The colors ARE gorgeous, what kind of camera did you get? I forgot! And Lee, everything you said there is greek to me, lol! I just point and shoot and let the camera do all the work, lol!
Billy and I went to Zampa when we got here, it really is gorgeous! I don't think the weather was quite as nice when we were there though, it was cold and REALLLY windy up on the lighthouse!

Lee said...

Nikon D80

Amber said...

Oh dang, ya'll went big! That's a nice one! I recently got a new camera, it's a Canon Power Shot S5 IS. It's really confusing to me and I'm too lazy to read the book, maybe I should open it, hehe!

CCsMom said...

Yeah, I knew of a great place, didn't I?!!! But I don't think we were able to go up into the lighthouse when we were there. Too, when it is windy and the sea is stirred up, there are some awesome waves that come up over those cliffs. In fact, some really intelligent Marines decided to go there to watch a typhoon come in while we were there -- got swept right off the cliffs.

AWESOME PICTURES. I just love the colors. And I guess Lee wasn't pulling a "Christy at the Grand Canyon", huh? Scared me to death. No wonder I have gray hairs!!!

Can't wait to see you two! -- Mom

Dad said...

The camera is proving to be a good investment. The colors really do come in sharp.