Saturday, June 7, 2008

How to Make Beer, By the Ancient Egyptians

As interpreted by me...

Step 1: Rope a cow and use it to plow up some ground.

Step 2: Throw seeds everywhere (and maybe dance while you're doing it...perhaps even Walk Like an Egyptian!!). Wait for it to grow (not pictured).

Step 3: Go harvest the grain. Clothing optional! No really, check out the dudes carrying the basket. Then dump all the grain in one big storage area.

Step 4: Beat the grain into submission? Ok, really, I have no idea what happens after the harvest part.

Step 5: Put whatever is left in jars to ferment.

Step 6: Bottle it to sell to all the local taverns :)

Step 7: Deliver Egyptian Premium Light Draft Beer to local taverns and hot spots.

Step 8: Bar maids serve beer to tired pyramid builders.

Step 9: Tired pyramid builders come to drink lots of beer and watch the dancing girls. Gee, not much has changed...well, the clothing style has anyway.

There's the whole mural. Now seriously, the Egyptians did give their pyramid builders lots of beer. I heard it on the History Channel once so it must be true. They also provided medical care for them so they weren't quite the ill-treated slaves you see in the movies.

And here's Lee enjoying a beer. Well, maybe not enjoying...neither one of us likes beer much, but this one was free. I got some sort of cherry-flavored soft drink instead. Anyway, we went on this tour of the Orion beer factory in Nago (boring boring boring...not much to see really) and at the end of the tour, they brought us to this huge room with that mural of the Egyptians on one side and a bar where they offered us either two free beers or one free soft drink. Apparently the soft drinks are more apt to give you a buzz than the beer is ;) And this was the last stop on our Tour of the North last weekend. Hope you enjoyed the pics and the mini-history lessons!


lizguidry said...

Whoa! I hope you didn't drive home after that one glass of soft drink... haha! Watch out ppl - Christy drank a soft drink!

Thanks for the history lesson. It was actually quite interesting to see egyptians making beer.

P.S. Where's the pictures of the glasses you guys made after you picked them up?!

CCsMom said...

OK, your commentary was pretty funny. I think you should have done the "clothing optional" dress code that day, too! Hee hee! Seriously, this looks like a very nice place -- clean, well kept, etc., etc.

Love ya -- mom

Allison said...

Im having as much fun reading your blog as I am reading Richard's! You should REALLY do something about that pirate hair!