Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Leave It To the Professionals

Ok, I finally took pictures of our glass yesterday. The two short, dumpy ones are the glasses that Lee and I made; the two tall pretty blue ones are the ones we bought :) Those cost us around $50 for the two of them. Lee made the slightly taller one on the far left; mine is the shorter one on the right that kind of leans. I like the aqua color though; when we were making them you couldn't even tell what color they were going to be.

I changed a setting on the camera--don't ask me what, I don't know--and then the pictures suddenly turned out all blue! I think Lee has a polarizing filter for the camera but I don't know if it's on there right now or not. Anyway, I thought it made a kinda cool picture although the colors are more true-to-life in the pic above.

I was going to take some trash out the other day and stopped when I saw this butterfly on the outside of our sliding glass door. He was just sitting there so I snapped a few pictures and then took the trash out the *front* door instead so as not to disturb him. They have a lot of butterflies here on Okinawa...well, a lot of bugs in general and hence the large gecko population, but at least the butterflies are pretty.

Okinawa wildlife I could do without--snakes. I SAW one on our walk today. Luckily it was dead, but still a little freaky--he was a silvery green color so I KNOW that there's no way I would see one of his live cousins slithering through the grass until it was too late. This one wasn't big, he was only about as big around as a pencil and about twelve inches long, but still. SNAKE. -shudder- I've seen a lot of red millipedes lately too; there's one stretch on my daily walk with the doglets where these things seem to congregate because they're always going one way or the other across the sidewalk. It's like the March of the Millipedes. We've seen some pretty nasty-looking centipedes too, Lee killed one in the house a while back when he saw it come in from the back door, and he said it was a fast little sucker with some dangerous-looking mandibles. I'm just glad I was upstairs and totally unaware of what was going on!! I don't DO bugs!

ETA: I saw the dead snake again today so I took a closer look at him. Turns out only his belly is silvery green, he's black on top--so he coulda been a baby habu snake, which is a poisonous snake indigenous to Okinawa. Now I'm *really* glad he's dead!


CCsMom said...

Hey, Lee must be a natural!!! Looks pretty good, that's for sure. LOVE the colors.

Hope you two are doing great and are looking forward to a fun weekend. We're off to Oklahoma. I'll wave to OU as we pass (but I'll have to do that in secret)!

Love ya! -- Mom

lizguidry said...

I'm impressed! They turned out pretty good. Have a good weekend! I will tell Jen F. you said hello.

Anonymous said...

I love your glassware! Good for you and Lee! I enjoy looking at all your beautiful photos on your blog but found your blog through SCS. Love your artwork as well. -Mary (SCS - #1volunteer)