Sunday, June 15, 2008

Orchids and Sunflowers

Lee: "Hey Chris, it looks like your yellow orchid here has sprouted a white orchid buddy!"
Me: "Yeah, isn't that WEIRD?"

This is why Lee hates to send me to the store unsupervised, I buy random things that he doesn't think we need. Last time we went to the store together he told me I didn't *need* a white orchid plant. Well, I went back by myself and wouldn't you know, it followed me home! I couldn't resist it for $5.43. It's got just four blooms on it, so nothing like the humongous $200 plant they have at the Make Man store, but it's still just gorgeous. Check it out.

Yes, I like to take really close-up shots of flowers, this is why I need a macro lens. That picture is me playing with camera angles. :) The flowers on this plant are much larger than my purple one or the yellow freckled one.

Just love 'em! Our other two plants are slightly the worse for wear...I'd put them on the floor near the sliding glass door so they could get a bit of sun but still be inside, and apparently while I was at the gym one morning the kiddos got to play-fighting and schwacked the plants with their tails. That's my guess, anyway. Several of the purple flowers just fell off altogether, we lost one yellow flower and a few flower petals on the other blooms. Then after I re-potted the purple and yellow plants, Lee was trying to re-tape a stalk of the purple flowers and it broke off, so that plant is really looking sad right now. Hopefully I'll be able to nurse them all back to health and keep this white orchid plant in the pink.

On Saturday, Lee and I went out to Torii Beach for a luau with his work compatriots. I'd never been out there before, but it's where Lee goes to fly his RC plane. We didn't take the camera with us to the luau, so we went back today to take a few pictures. There's a field real close to the beach with sunflowers planted all along the perimeter--I have no idea what's in the middle, but the sunflowers are probably ten feet deep along all the edges. I'm sure they get bigger than this, like closer to six feet tall, but they were still pretty! The yellow was so bright it was practically neon. See that speck over my head? That's an RC plane flying; their flying field is right behind the sunflower field.

Hey look, Liz, I'm *in* a picture! Not a great picture of me but anyway...I have shorts! I had to go buy some this weekend, otherwise pretty soon I would have been the only person on island still wearing pants. It's just too hot and humid for long pants anymore. And my mom is the GREATEST, she's sent me a bunch of tank tops and some shorts to work out in at the gym. I definitely needed those! Anyway, here's a closeup of one of the sunflowers.

Lee wanted me to get on in there amid the flowers, but there were tons of bees and I bet there would be even more bugs in there than I could see from where I was standing, so I wouldn't do it. And here's Lee himself, I managed to get him in a picture (I had to delete several where he was making "I don't want to have my picture taken!" faces...)

You know, it seems like all the pictures we took today are bluish. I wonder why that is...even the orchid pictures have a blue tint to them, and the flowers in real life are bright white. Well, maybe I'll mess with it some more and try to get it less blue. It was a cool effect on the pictures of the Ryukyu glass but I think people look better in pictures if they *aren't* blue. Unless it's the Blue Man Group, and then it's kind of expected.

When we let the dogs out tonight after dark, we heard some really weird animal noises from across the street, so Lee went to go check it out--it was bats. We have some fairly large bats here, I think they're red fox bats (insect-eaters). Lee got a few pictures of them but I haven't figured out how to download them on the computer yet (Lee kindly downloaded all the pics that I shared today) so I'll have to ask him to help me with that tomorrow so you can see the bats. He couldn't get any pictures of them flying because he couldn't get the camera to focus on them, but he did get a few of them up in a tree. So look for that in the next day or two.


The Henry Crew! said...

Wow, gorgeous pics! Thanks for sending me your blog - I'll be checking back regularly! Glad to see you are doing well and are enjoying your time there!

CCsMom said...

And probably HABU SNAKES in those flower fields, too . . . GOTTA BE CAREFUL about that. Wow, gorgeous pix! -- mom

Glenda said...

Love that orchid - bought the same one for my Mother-in-Law and it was $45! Thanks for sharing all your great pics...

CCsMom said...

Can't wait for "Ree" to copy all of these pics to a disk for me . . . YES, I KNOW I'm a pain. But wow, these will make a GREAT addition to my (your) book! Surprise spoiler!!! -- Great talking to you last night. You look REALLY GOOD. Can't wait to see you in September. Love, Mom

teresa kline aka va.sunshine said...

well, tell dh that flowers are like diamonds a girl can never have to many of either! lol luv looking at your pictures. I luv traveling and taking pictures so I was lost in your blog. tfs, very beautiful! I wanted to know what kind of camera. thank you *~*