Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Gecko's Tail, Part III

So tonight Lee and I decided to take the dogs for a walk. We went out the front door and there was a teeny tiny gecko on the porch--probably only two inches long, including his tail. Lee caught him (the dogs were pretty interested in catching him, so this was a rescue) and when he opened up his hands to let the gecko go, his tail had fallen off. That's not the weird part--that tail MOVED for a good minute and a half after the gecko had departed. Totally weird to watch!! It was kind of like watching a little bitty striped worm wiggle around. I just wanted to get a look at the tailless gecko but he skedaddled too quickly (isn't "skedaddle" a fun word?).

Lee likes to try to scare the tail off of Sadie too. When the four of us go for walks, I get Vader's leash and Lee takes Sadie's. Little Miss Thang likes to walk way out in front of the rest of us (she does love her 30-ft. extendable leash) so when she's not paying attention to us, Lee will run up behind her and grab her. If she hears him coming she does this funny thing where she tucks her butt and tail under and runs so it's like a squat-run thing that looks hilarious...Sadie and Lee both seem to think that's the funnest game ever invented. Hey, if it makes them and Vader will be smart and just stroll along together while Sadie and Lee go running off like crazy people.

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CCsMom said...

Yep, Ginger here LOVES to corner those geckos -- I saw a tiny tail on my kitchen floor. Pretty strange for sure, but you can see how it would keep someone mezmerized while the gecko could make its escape. Wow.

Good to talk to you tonight. I'm off to the store tomorrow to buy the newest Stephanie Meyers book!!!

Love ya! -- Mom