Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It Wiggles and Jiggles...

WE JUST HAD AN EARTHQUAKE!!! Like, 20 seconds ago! Obviously not a huge one, but it was definitely an earthquake. Woohoo!! Ok, so that's kind of a crazy response to an earthquake but they're kind of fun when they're tiny :) I think my doglets are a teensy bit freaked out by it. It was just a little bit of a wiggle, enough to shake the blinds in my window. Well, Japan *is* prone to earthquakes, but I thought most of them hit mainland Japan and we're a lot further south. Wonder if Lee noticed it...I might not have if I'd been in a car or something. Guess I'll find out whenever he gets home.

I kinda have a history with earthquakes. I was born in San Jose, California, the day of a 5.5 earthquake. My mom even got me an earthquake survivor bracelet that the local newspaper was handing out a few days later. :) I was over 3 weeks late being born, I told my mom that I was waiting to make a grand entrance, haha!


CCsMom said...

What's shakin'?

OK, living on an island when there's an earthquake, you think possible tidal wave . . . but that's me, you know. We had tsuname warnings when we lived there, but nothing really ever materialized. I'll be anxious to hear if the news reports your earthquake.

Still haven't gotten the package from you yet -- I'm at a standstill with my scrapbook until the disk of pictures gets here. Sure have some gorgeous shots from this garden -- they all look like postcards with enhanced color!

Anyway, 6 more days to work here and then bye-bye! I am nervous about starting a new job after 9 years in this one! Fear of the uknown, I guess.

Talk attcha later -- mom.

Amber said...

You just made me want Jello.

BTW, I'm still mad I never felt the quake! Everyone at work was talkin about it the next day! Poo, there's always another one, I'll pay attention next time;)

Christy said...

Okay, I had to come see your blog from Splitcoast because you had "The Cliffs of Insanity" on your signature...genius, genius movie! LOL
I am glad you and the doglets survived the big one! Funny story about your birth too! LOL

Crafty Math Chick said...

Glad it was just a little wiggle and that you and your family are safe.