Monday, July 7, 2008

More Garden Photos Just Because I Like 'Em

Not really a whole lot going on around here at the moment so I thought I'd share some more photos from the botanical gardens. This first one is of the palm trees that we saw right after we entered the gardens; they have wide pathways that go all around and through the area. They offer a 20-minute tram tour and tell you all about the different plants, but it wouldn't have done us much good since it was all in Japanese ;) So we hoofed it instead, and took our time taking pictures of whatever we liked the looks of.

Here's a different view of the bridge that I posted earlier, from the other side. I think I like this one better, I like all the red plants in the foreground. And I took this one! :) Lee does all the camera settings so that even the pictures I take turn out with good color. I usually get more "artsy" with my shots than he does, but I think we both take good pictures.

Isn't this gorgeous? I took a lot of pictures of hibiscus but this one and the red one from the last post were the two standouts. They had several different colors of hibiscus but we couldn't get close enough to some of the other ones to get good pictures.

More of the different lotus...this one is called a Snowball. This isn't the best picture of it but oh, well. I only took one of each type of lotus in most cases, and it still took me quite a while to work my way down the line.

White Colorata...although it looks kinda blue to me :) They had Blue Colorata too, and it was indeed more blue than this one.

This one is called can they string together that many vowels at once?

Pink lotus that was in the big lotus pond.

Ok, so I promise to share pictures of something other than flowers next time I post...or else no pics and just a story instead. Hey Liz, I did my first order of pictures from Winkflash; I got an 11x14 enlargement of my white orchid picture to hang up in my craft room! Lee's a little miffed I didn't get him an 11x14 of his favorite Hiji Falls picture, but I forgot. He had one printed here but they do funky sizes; they did 10x14 which doesn't look proportional to me at all. I ordered LOTS of pictures to start my Japan scrapbook so now I need to order some 12x12 cardstock so I can get started on it. I'm kicking myself for leaving almost all my scrapbook paper at my parents' house for safekeeping.

Lee is planning to go scuba diving again this weekend; sooner or later he's going to get or rent a camera he can use underwater as he says that it's just *amazing* to go diving here. I think jellyfish, sharks, sea urchins, all that stuff that can hurt you...but he enjoys it and as long as he's careful I can't complain. So maybe one of these days I'll be able to share some pictures from under da sea!

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lizguidry said...

Great job, Christy! Can't wait to see your progress. I will be taking a break from it until we 'move'. I have a few pages that don't have journaling on them, so I'm going to work on them.

Miss you!