Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm a Scrapper!

I keep thinking of the old Dr Pepper commercial..."I'm a scrapper, she's a scrapper, wouldn't you like to be a scrapper too?" I think it works better with "I'm a Pepper" though. But anyway, check this out, I SCRAPPED!! Click on the pictures to see a bigger version.

So these pictures will be familiar to the four of you who regularly read my blog (you know who you are). This "Okinawa Skies" one will be the second layout in my Japan scrapbook; I want to do a "First Impressions" layout but I need to have some pictures printed out for it. I picked out Bashful Blue, Pacific Point, and Garden Green for this layout (I'm convinced that the entire island is Garden Green!) and then thought well pooh, I don't have any 12x12 patterned paper in those colors. Then I had a big DUH! moment and thought I can stamp my own! Genius! So I did. I stamped a large swirl with white ink and then some small flowers in blue, but the flowers don't show up as much as I thought they would. That's ok, I kind of wanted the pattern more elegant and subtle anyway. I stamped the larger flowers with Ruby Red ink and used them to make a visual triangle with Lee's red shirt. Usually I'd put brads in the flower centers, but I'm a flat scrapper (try not to use anything that sticks up from the page) so I punched out some teeny circles of Bashful Blue paper and adhered them in the centers instead. I'm thinking I may add a third flower on the lower right corner but I'm not sure yet.

And here's my second layout that I finished today. It was all done last night except the title; it's stamped with craft ink (kind of like paint, for those of you non-stampy types) so I had to wait for each letter to dry before I did the next one. I stamped the letters on scrap paper, cut them out and then used those as a placement guide for when I stamped them on the patterned paper. I was worried about that part because I only have a few small scraps of this pattern left, so I was paranoid I was going to mess it up but it turned out well. I'll be hand writing a lot of my journaling because our fancy schmancy laser printer throws a big ol' tantrum if I try to print on cardstock. Oh well, they say in all the scrapbook magazines that you should make an effort to include your handwriting (and kids' handwriting if you have any, but my kids are illiterate).

It took me *forever* to pick out colors for this layout and I was really surprised that I ended up with River Rock for the most part...I'm not a big fan of that color but it just seemed to work with this. Then I added a bit of Garden Green, Blue Bayou, and Whisper White. No pictures of Lee or me on this one because I deleted all the ones Lee took of was HOT and HUMID the day we hiked out there, so by the time we got to the waterfall I was in dire need of a shower and not at all disposed to photographically preserve that memory! So only pics of the waterfall and the bug life. Liz, I think I started out looking at the sketches on pg. 95 and pg. 183 in that book, and then it morphed into this...there aren't a lot of sketches that feature 8x10 pictures so I had to get a little more inventive.

I think when I first started I was totally paranoid that I was going to mess up, especially with cutting the pictures. Then I thought hey, it's not like I can't just order another print if I mess one up, it's not like these are one-of-a-kind wedding photos that I can't get extras of (and maybe that's why I haven't scrapped any of my wedding pics either!) And the same goes for 95% of my paper too, I can replace it if I mess up--except for that pretty brocade pattern on the waterfall page at any rate. I bet Lee would be a bit less than thrilled to hear about my "It's okay, I can buy more!" philosophy...hehehe :p

Big huge thank you to Liz for kicking my butt until I finally got started on this project instead of just talking about it :) Love you, chica! And Robin, I challenge you to scrap some Japan pictures, it's FUN! I bet Mom told you that too since she's done an entire book dedicated to Okinawa. I'm anxious to see that.


lizguidry said...

Yay ME - hehe.

They turned out great Christy. I love the waterfall layout. You have a little bit of everything you saw. :) Keep up the good work! I hope to get back to scrappin soon so I can get somewhat caught up. I hope to get 1 year of stuff done in 6 months, do you think that is possible??

The Henry Crew! said...

Looks great - you are SO talented at putting colors together! You have definitely inspired me!

Lee said...

Any philosophy is a good philosophy.....except that one!

Lee = "less than thrilled"

Jess Willison said...

These pages are great! Can't wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures :) Where in Okinawa did you find those two Shisas you guys really like (the ones you wanted to put in your scrap book for "First Impressions of Okinawa")? They are really cool!