Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Old Lady Goes Back to School

Looks like I had some new people comment on my last post. Hi Jean, Lori, and Cheryl! -waves- Occasionally I feel like I'm talking to myself on here, so it's nice to know that's not true. I hope I'm at least mildly entertaining! Talk about majorly entertaining though--Michael Phelps winning medal after medal and breaking record after record in the Olympics. And he makes it look so easy!! I wish the women's gymnastics team could have enjoyed that type of success too.

Anyway, earlier today I was listening to my iPod (because I'm always listening to my iPod) and I heard a track off a Baz Luhrmann CD (yeah, the guy who directed Moulin Rouge and Romeo + Juliet). Did you ever hear about the commencement speech someone gave at graduation and the first piece of advice was "wear sunscreen"? Well, there's a rendition of that speech on the CD. One of the lines in it is "Be kind to your knees. You'll miss them when they're gone." Yeah, I can relate. I've had pain in my right knee for a couple months now, and when I went to the doctor several weeks ago, he said "These things happen as you get older." I pointed out (in a very aggrieved tone, I might add) "I'm not even 30 yet!" and he said "Well, sometimes activity level can affect it too." I'm not exactly an Olympic athlete here, I go to the gym for an hour a day 4 days a week and I take my dogs on walks, that's it. Doogie Howser doctor don't know what he's talkin' 'bout. Grrrr! All he did was give me a prescription for Motrin, so I'll just keep on limping around and try to ignore it.

So, old lady that I am, I started back to school on Tuesday for my master's degree. I'll be getting my masters in international relations from Troy University, they actually have on-site classes here so that's nice (not sure how I'd do with a totally online course). We started out talking about the French Revolution and Napoleon's empire...I think Wikipedia will be my best friend for a crash course in history. I mean, I can point to France on a map and I can spell Napoleon Bonaparte, but the details of the Revolution are a bit fuzzy. Lots of people lost their heads, I remember that much...well, I like history anyway, so this should be interesting. Just wish I had time to buy a whole bunch of books about this stuff from Amazon and really get into it in detail; I always wanted to major in history but I ended up doing marketing and international business instead. I'd still like to take some history classes, I just want to Know and Understand.

If you've made it this far, I applaud you...and yes, I am this talkative in person too ;) Here's a picture for your troubles:

Click on it to see it larger and you should even be able to read the journaling. I'm not as crazy about this layout as the first two I did; I think it's too linear and symmetrical. No embellishments at all, either, and sometimes those bitty letters (Sizzix alphabet dies) are more of a pain than they're worth--it is *tough* to adhere them in a straight line. Lee recommended the Summer Sun cardstock for the base, and then I added Cranberry Crisp (my favorite dark red) and of course Garden Green because the whole island is Garden Green. The picture of the pineapple chocolate fountain in the upper right isn't stuck down; I'm going to crop out that fluorescent light and reprint it, but everything else on here is done. That's three down, and now I'm waiting on some neutral colors of 12x12 cardstock for pages about the glass factory. I am *going* to be caught up with this by the time my parental units arrive next month!


lizguidry said...

I'm sure you have more ppl stalking you than you think. They just aren't crazy enough to leave a comment, like me. hehe!

Take it easy on that knee - no sitting indian style!! Dr. Guidry's orders ;) Didn't I mention that I became a Dr. while you were gone?!

CCsMom said...

Wow, just 4 more weeks and we'll be there!!! I am pinching myself right now.

LOVE watching Michael Phelps -- he is AWESOME. Phanee thinks he was a fish in his previous life. I think he's one NOW. Just incredible. Love you, love you, love you!!! -- mom